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Jun 28, 2023

ONW - EP 203
Forbidden Door thoughts
MJF V Tanahashi - MJF carried Tana through this match, Tana’s knees are shot
Is it just me or does MJF do the same hurt knee gimmick in every single match?
Worst MJF match to date of his run. Can’t just blame it on him obviously.
Punk v Kojima - Elbow to the dick / WTF was that GTS? Does punk win the Owen?
Orange V Shibata V ZSJ V Daniel Garcia - I want to see Orange V ZSJ at All In
Garcia had a strong showing in this match considering the other 3 people in it. Good for him.
Sanada V Jungle Boy - Over delivery of a match / Jungle Boy heel turn / Hollywood Jack Perry
Hung Bucks + Eddie Kingston + Tomohiro Ishii V BCC + Takeshita + Shota Umino - Fun match,
really impressed once again with Takeshita / Kingston and Mox developments are interesting /
Kingston has Line Cook Energy LMFAO 🤣
Toni Storm V Willow Nightingale - Had me believing that Willow might win at points
Will Osprey V Kenny Omega - MOTY / easily the best match of the night / How many stars will
Meltzer give it / How is Kenny not paralyzed ? Cool they used the NJPW Kenny Theme / When
will they do PT3? / Crossface spot / Shawn Michaels stuff
Do you think this match was better than Part 1?
Sting, Darby Allin & Tetsuya Naito v Jericho + Sammy + Suzuki - What the hell happened here /
Major botch with sammy and sting/ Sting looked out of it
Sting claims retirement match against Jericho at All In isn’t happening.
Bryan Danielson V Okada - Good match, but not nearly as good as i thought it would be / Too
high of expectations? Broken arm / smart way to finish / shocking victory for Bryan / yes chants
Overall a good show, but a bit too predictable in parts. Forbidden Door 1 might have been a
better overall show.
Weird way to book the card. Kenny v Ospreay should have closed. No one could have followed
Would have liked to see Adam Cole and Filthy Tom
Other AEW Stuff
He’s Gay chants for Bowens
Miro renounces his god and wife
Gunns officially in BC gold
John Morrison attacks Billy Gunn
Athena needs to be more of a fixture on the main roster
Collision's viewership fell 27 percent from its debut episode.
Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii set for AEW Dynamite
I don’t think Punk takes any of this seriously. Dude is washed up and it’s apparent he didn’t do
the work to get back in the ring. He is just riding off his name and past accomplishments.
Fuck yeah Toronto crowds (minus the last two matches of FD, but I don’t blame them)
Roman Reigns, Logan Paul set for next WWE SmackDown
Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler unify WWE & NXT Women’s Tag Team titles
Rousey & Baszler will now defend the titles across all three brands.
Vince is rewriting shows at the last min again
3 matches on SD advertised did not take place
Ciampa’s Return / What direction would you like them to go in?
Pharaoh makes his RAW debut
Seth is a tracky boi
Becky is looking weirdly skinny
Are the Street Profits just jobbers now?
Rousey and Basler do nothing for me. The unification match didn’t seem like it was really that
special at all.
Raquel is basic.
Women’s tag division is basic at best too.
I like seeing Carmelo Haze on RAW
Even though I don’t watch NXT I’m like the crossovers and seeing the stories overlap on shows.

Barry Horowitz lost documentary

MITB Predictions

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Jun 22, 2023

ONW - EP 202

AEW Dynamite

Cole V MJF / Time limit draw / the match cole needed / fantastic finish
Was not expecting the draw, buy gives Cole a reason to challenge again down the road. 

Hungbucks v BCC / Crazy ending to the show / Eddie Kingston / Will Ospreay 

AEW Rampage

Bandido v Takeshita 
Bandido injured, broken wrist
Aubrey Edwards was terrible
What is the end game of this angle?

Aew Collision

Good first impressions of the set
Thoughts on “Saturday nights alright for fighting”
Thoughts on Kevin Kelly and Nigel Mcguiness 
Chris Hero working backstage on a trial basis
Collision did string numbers. 3rd in cable that night with 816k viewers and a .33 share of demo. Where do you guys think it will average out? 
Lackluster promo from punk / kind of have to do a program with the elite
    -Are they turning it into a work?
Is there still a legal gag order?
    -Removing the AEW logo from the mic
    -Hung Bucks vs CMFTR at Wembley ?
    -I think theres more to what was in the bag (AEW title)
    -Counterfeit Bucks
    -At what point do they turn him heel?
    -Punk is self righteous and in fact should apologize to a number of people
    -Phil Brooks is a piece of shit and a bully. He pretends to be some kind of crusader and warrior for the weak. But in real life he is everything that he claims to stand against.
Young Bucks response on twitter: If it were 2018, we’d already have a “Counterfeit Bucks” shirt available on PWT. Kill it Ya’ll
Luchasaurus was the right pick to win the tnt title / like that christian is taking all the credit (I DID IT!!)
Wardlow looks like Bron Breakker without his long hair
Awkward spot where Wardlow almost dropped Luchasaurus on his head
Banger match with Andrade v Buddy Mathews / Do Andrade and his gang go after the trios titles? / Cool that he used the figure 8 / Andrade wrestling more like he did in nxt 
The return of Scorpio Sky
Miro’s return was good, half expected CJ / Awesome new shirt / not sure who his first real program should be
Stand out performance from Skye Blue / one hell of a finisher
Willow v Toni at forbidden door?
Owen Hart tournament / Early Picks / Starks / Hobbs
It’s going to be really sad when the acclaimed turn on daddy ass
CMFTR - Comforter
Good match, but carried by everyone but punk
    -Juice was hilarious and have a good showing
    -Smart to have Jay not eat the pin
    -Joe looked like a monster
    -Shockingly no post match angle
-I want to see more bullet club gold

Is collision going to be different enough to grab more of an audience for AEW?

WWE Smackdown

Why does roman still have the 2 old belts?
“What!” during romans program / Is it time to wrap this up finally?
Sometimes when Jey gets mad he looks like a little kid having a tantrum

The bloodline crumbles / Usos Superkick the shit out of roman / Bloodline Civil War at MITB

Kross + Scarlett V AJ and Mia 

Baron Corbin now feuding with Cameron Grimes? Is his NXT run over?

Ridge and Seamus run through everyone
Is hit Row done? Lets hope
Pretty deadly to face sami and Ko

Damage Control breaking up infront of our eyes

Bianca and Charlotte… BLEH

LA gets pinned by santos / LA feels like the MITB favorite


Logan Paul announces himself for MITB
Ciampa Return
Finn attacks seth

Fight forever even includes botches / Exploding barbed wire death match
GCW: Nick Gage V ZSJ

Finn Balor attacks Seth Rollins on WWE NXT

AEW Forbidden Door Predictions

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Jun 14, 2023

ONW - Ep 201

RIP - Iron Sheik

New Women's Championships / Charlotte Flair returns
Rhea - Womens World Champion
Asuka - WWE Womens Champion (Undisputed on the belt) (Do they know what that means?)

Unifying the womens tag belts

Gunther hits 365 days as IC Champion

Jey uso to heyman: If im in the Bloodline, you're out the bloodline

More NXT Main Roster crossover / Hayes attacks Corbin on SD / Bron Brekker calls out Seth Rollins

Corbin V Ilja Draganov 

Brock V Cody rumored to be in a bull rope match
Are they actually setting up Rhea and Dom V Cody and Brandi?

Mens MITB - Santos, LA Knight, Ricochet, Shinsuke, Butch, Damien Priest
Rollins v Balor
Women's MITB - Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, Zoey Stark, Bayley, IO Sky, TBD

What do they do with Logan Paul next? ideas 

Thoughts on the return of Ciampa

 Ko’s Character lately has been hilarious/ almost breaking kayfabe

WWE rights fees negotiations with fox, moving SD to FX?

Jay goes to AEW Dynamite

MJF V Adam Cole on Dynamite
Punk + FTR v Samoa Joe and BC Gold
Mark Brisco + Papa Brisco + Aubrey Edwards V Jeff Jarret, Jay Lethal and Karen Jarret
BCC v The Hung Bucks
Skye Blue defeats Britt Baker/Martinez/Nyla rose to challenge Toni Storm - Interesting choice

Wardlow has gotten worse at promos somehow, Arn is the best though
Wardlow V Jake Hager…again

The Ethan page hardy stuff is actually kind of amusing lately. Babyface turn for Page

Preston Vance’s Gusher in his tag match PV + Dralistico V Jungle Hook


Forbidden Door
Okada v Danielson
Omega v Osprey
Rumors of a SANADA match - Possibly with Jericho or Hangman
Will MJF have a FD match?
Punk v Kenta?
Does Mercedes Mone show up to set up a match at All In?

Now that he’s beaten Swerve, who is next for Orange Cassidy and who will end his International Title run?

Rumors of Sean Waltman in AEW / What would you do with him?

CM Punk + MJF Dog Collar figures

Motor city Machine guns, alex shelly wins the impact word title, Chris Sabin wins X division title at Against All Odds

Dirty Dangos latest gimmick / Vignette 

ROH Board of Directors, Stokely Hathaway & Jerry Lynn Storyline
Samoa Joe will defend the ROH World Television Championship against Matt Sydal
ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Mogul Embassy (Bishop Kaun, Toa Liona & Brian Cage) defend against AR Fox, Action Andretti & Darius Martin

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Jun 6, 2023

ONW - EP 200

New Rules for predictions

Revolving Guests

Romans new belt

Behind the Bastards on Vince: (takeaways)
Vinces first wrestling name  ***Man McMahon
1970’s New Jersey commission wouldn't let them have a fake wedding
Trump helped fund Wrestlemania 4
    -heenan commercial

Does an Uso need to take the belt?

The Best Dynamite and Rampage in quite some time.

The mixed reaction from the CM Punk Announcement

Darby Allin and MT Everest / AEW Flag

NJPW Dominion

The James Bond MITB Packages / Build  / LA Knight 

Adam Cole looks small and hesitant / Not ready for a main event run

Give Zack Sabre Jr both of the TV Titles

20 AEW PPV’s

Is JR doing better?

Jimmy / Jay and Roman / how would you book the fall of the bloodline?

The All in Speculation game:
See Probable Roster document

Eddie Kingston NJPW G1 Climax and other G1 wrestlers:

Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, Will Ospreay, Hiroshi Tanahashi, David Finlay, Shota Umino, Shingo Takagi, Tomohiro Ishii, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Hikuleo, Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, KENTA, Zack Sabre Jr., Taichi, Eddie Kingston, El Phantasmo, Ren Narita, EVIL, Chase Owens, Jeff Cobb, Great-O-Khan, Aaron Henare, Gabriel Kidd, Alex Coughlin, Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls, Yota Tsuji & Kaito Kiyomiya

Danielson v Okada

Who has more crowd heat Don or Dom?

How did Jay White and FTR suddenly become interesting to me? 

Direction for each of the 4 pillars post DoN

Tony Kahn names Stokely Hathaway and Jerry Lynn as the new Board of Directors for ROH. In story, the pair will have matchmaking and decision-making authority that can only be overruled by TK himself.

New WWE and Twitch multi-year partnership announced

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Jun 1, 2023

ONW - Ep 199

Big weekend in Wrestling. Reviews of NOC / DON / and even NXT Battle Ground 


Is the Heavyweight championship a Mid card belt?
Who is next for Seth Rollins?

Gunther V Ali was a massive over delivery
Where does Ali go after this? 

Right move to put the title on Asuka
Thought the mist angle was awkward. 

Zoey Stark push
Was Trish win the right move? 

MOTN - Rhea v Natalya 

Cody and Brock needed a stip to make sense
Hell in the cell next?

Wonderful entrance / intro promo from Sami, the beginning of the end of the bloodline

Thought it was odd they highlighted Mustafa Alis Muslim heritage but glossed over Samis. But still, amazing moment for Sami. 
    -Triple threat with Roman and the Usos? Does Solo go Solo or unite with the Usos?
Can Roman be a threat alone? 


Pre show match was trash, tired of all of this storyline. Bad Jeff Hardy bump, fire him. 

    -Gunns should join bullet club gold
Fantastic battle royal to open the show. Loved the Finish. Give Big Bill a Push (he ruled)
    -What's next for Orange? Feud with Swerve?
Could definitely see them putting the belt.on Swerve
Sabu was kind of pointless, match was Meh, lame finish to cole and jericho
Commentators pointed this out to, no one was sure what his role was. 
    -there's something intriguing yet irritating about a pairing of Jericho and Saraya 
Wardlow and Christian over delivered, but i'm still not sold on wardlow, shouldn't have cut his hair 
Definitely a roller-coaster of a match, Wardlow saved the match at the end with the Swanton. Got the crowd into it. 
    -What the hell was all the Arn stuff? Is this the end of the feud or more to go with Lucha Saurus? Should they make Luchasaurus and Wardlow a tag team?
Arn with the blood all over his mouth was an interesting visual 
Hoping Jamie Hayter is ready to go for All In, but right call to put the belt back on Toni Storm
Could definitely tell they were structuring the match around the hurt arm, but they still kept the believability up. But definitely the right move to set up the chase for Wembley. 
I love Jeff Jarret and was very entertained by the Tag Title match. 
    -Guitar bump for aubrey 
Decent match with Jade and Taya. Had me thinking that Taya would win. Great to see Statlander return, hope she stays healthy
Jade had a banger of an entrance. 
Reminded me a lot of Wrestlmania 9 when Yokozuna put up the title right after beating Brett Hart and lost it to HH. Doesn't feel like as big of a win..

Trios titles Acclaimed vs HoB. 
What was with the Acclaimed waving dealers choice. Missed an opportunity. Good line about Murphy and Dom. 
Billy Gunn yelling 'fuck you" while doing the famouser on Brody was hilarious. 
Fantastic 4 way wrestling match for the Championship, but MJF was never going to lose. 
Everyone had a special entrance except Jack
Everyone did a spot where they hit their mentors finishers
The MJF mic spot
Perry debating a turn
MJF did a Candido tribute spot "blond bombshell" top rope power bomb 
    -Did they just babyface sammy? Im more interested in him than ive ever been after that match. The human Centipede Spot and the masterful way MJF won.
Congrats to Tay and Sammy
Anarchy in the Arena was fun, what was up with the lead singers mask? They need a redzone type gimmick to watch those matches properly.

    -How did they do the shoe pyro?
    -I hate thumbtacks in feet 
Kenny Omegas post match promo - 2 friends from new Japan

NXT Battleground

Wes Lee v Tyler Bate v Joe Gacy -Wes Lee is good, but Bate should have won. Bates old music was better

I dig the Heritage cup rules and think they should go more with it. Noam Dar defeats Dragon Lee

Gallus sucks but the Creed brothers need to get called up very soon. Should work with chad gable in some fashion or form, maybe even Kurt Angle

Great last man Standing match. Dragunov is incredible. Crying selling 

Tiffany Stratton is money

As is Carmelo Hayes. 

They are calling up Bron Breker soon

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