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Apr 23, 2023

Owen is on a much-deserved vacation so Matthew takes over this podcast with the help of our good friend, good brother, and Oh No Wrestling contributor Jay Jansson! We cover A LOT in this episode as we discuss what happened on all weekly WWE and AEW programming, while also discussing all the news, rumors, and speculations on "brand splits", drafts, and more! Check out the show notes below for more details, or just press play and DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAN!


  • Overall show was not great. April Slump?

  • Bloodline story dried out?

  • Cody Promo/Duster Brock

  • Rollins v Miz:

    • Actually a good match for a RAW. 

    • A rare great Miz Tv match

    • Havent we seen a lot of them in the not to distant past though?

    • I feel bad for Seth. What do they do with him? 

  • Bronson Reed nice guy gimmick

    • What is this shit?

    • Match with him and Lashley could be good. 


  • Epic Braun sequence

  • Thoughts on a possible Imperium v New Day program in the future?

  • The Nakamura video was cool. Can't say I'm invested in Cross and Scarlett yet reminds me of a Vegas magician. 

  • Sonya DeVille and Chelsea Green are like a Great Value version of the IIconics. 

  • Rhea vs Zelina in Puerto Rico

  • Gunther vs woods good match, Gunther is a star!

  • Riddle vs Solo


  • Thoughts on upcoming draft? 

    • Who can benefit from it?

    • What happens with “unified” title holders?

    • How is it going to "change the game" 

    •  WWE/Twitch deal

Good or bad for talent

  • Injuries

McIntyre, what's going on?

  • NXT: Are you watching again?


  • 4 Pillars Tournament
  • 3 Pillars promo to open the show. They seemed exposed without MJF to help them along.
  • Who do you want to see win the 4 Pillars tournament and face MJF at Doube of Nothing
  • Would rather see a 4 pillars 4 way for the title. 
  • Wardlow v Hobbs

  • Turtleneck Christian is the best incarnation of Christian. 

    •  Loved seeing Glock Anderson


  • Love that Callis brought out Takeshita to help and ally with The Elite.

    • Are we looking at BCC v Elite w/ Takeshita for Double or Nothing? 

    • Possibly Blood and Guts match or Anarchy in the Arena? 

    • I really really like this incarnation of the BCC with Danielson as the mouthpiece. Elevates Yuta too. 

    • Do you think Kota Ibushi factors into this at all? Possible Blood and Guts match? 

  • Jay White vs Kommander

    • Luchador vs psychological wrestling

    • Interesting clash of styles

    • Not really into the Bullet Club Gold stuff

  • Pairing of Briscoe with Jay Lethals faction, what is the endgame. 

  • Jeff Hardy saying “be there or be triangular”?

  • Angelo Parker's "loaded comb" a more devastating weapon than Paul Walter Hauser's golden Globe?


  • Not until Saturday night this week. Preview card? 

    • El Hio Del Vikingo vs. Dralistico for the AAA Mega Championship

    • -We’ll hear from undefeated TBS Champion Jade Cargill

    • -Jon Moxley vs. Christopher Daniels

    • -FTR, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett vs. Varsity Athletes & Slim J

    • -Kiera Hogan vs. Julia Hart

    • -We’ll hear from The Hardy Boyz, HOOK, and Isiah Kassidy


  • Thoughts on the very likely return of CM Punk and a Sunday show? Possible soft brand split.

  • FTR/PUNK show vs The Elite show. Possibly set up a PPV against brands? 

  • Thoughts on Jeff Hardy return 


  • Dax ending FTR Podcast due to toxic response

  • Will Osprey “I’m not sure how long this ride will be” video

  • I hate Goldberg but we should probably talk about the recent interview where he said he was promised a proper retirement match and is considering a four-city retirement tour. 

  • Mercedes Monet IWGP title defense Sunday vs Mayu Iwatani

    • Has Mercedes made an impact in Japan?

  • Ask Jay about his experience with Fite pass

    • Joey Janela's Spring Break, Bloodsport, Effys big gay brunch

  • YOSHIHIKO, and the art of wrestling

  • Lucha Libre & Laugh's

    • Warhorse

    • Effy

    • Maki itoh

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Jul 26, 2022

ONW - 7-25-22

Ep - 168 - The Degenerate Jackhammer (VInce Retires and HHH)


2022 so far:

Shane McMahon let go

Cody quits AEW for WWE

Stone Cold, Vince McMahon & Ric Flair wrestle

Tony Khan buys ROH

MJF wants out of AEW

Sasha Banks & Naomi walkout


WWE back to TV-14

Triple H back in Talent Relations / Head of Creative

Vince retires


Things you want to see?

Things you think we’ll actually see?

Who will HHH push? Will he bring anyone back that was released?

Is there anyone that previously wouldn't sign that might now consider it?

More likely for a WWE Sale?


Thanks to Brock for returning / Goldberg 


WWE Stock up almost 7% at day opening, Closes at 8.44% $71.81


$WWE shares are holding steady at about $71 since noon, meaning Vince McMahon's 28.7 million shares have gained about $150.5 million in market value since the close of business on Friday, when the stock was at $66.22 just before his exit was announced.


WWE's 8-K states the company found $14.6 million in payments by Vince McMahon *that should have been recorded as company expenses*. WWE will reissue financial statements for 2019, 2020, 2021, and Q1 2022.


Drew vs Gunther at Clash at the Castle?


ROH Death before dishonor thoughts / Duncan new champ


Commentary / Mauro Renallo talks with AEW


The Gresham situation


Tully Blanchard Enterprises /  No More

The Righteous / Dalton Castle back brace

Mercedes Martinez is trash

FTR / Briscos 2 - Fight like an 8 year old girl

Max Caster - Bobby Lashley’s sister

A look at the G1 / Zack Sabre JR, george michael dream

Joey Ryan, one man show, The rise and fall of Joey Ryans Penis

Kevin Dunn didnt think Becky was good looking enough to be a top star

PAC and Kip Sabian exchange words at rev pro show

Sami on broken skull sessions, could he ever be a Top Guy? Wwe champion  

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Jul 9, 2022

Onw - ep 166

MITB thoughts
Liv/ theory
Brody king / mox
Wardlow wins the tnt title / needs a big feud
Ftr briscos 2 - ROH card
Vince McMahon updates
Njpw / cheering crowds
Jordan grayce / Chris Benoit comments
Santana/ Ortiz issues
Sasha / Naomi removed from wwe roster
Thunder storm / Aew womens tag titles
Stardom njpw Aew news
Paige in Aew
Will Ospreay says he wants HOOK to join United Empire and asked Taz when HOOK would be heading over to Japan
Will on Kenny omega
Miz and ciampa
Logan Paul: will he work as a face?
Is there any chance drew beats Roman at clash of the castle
Bruce Boudreau meets KO  

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Apr 13, 2022

Onw - ep 157

The making of wheeler yuta
Ftr 6 stars
La parka situation
Sonja v bellaire
Joe v Suzuki, does Joe take the belt ?
What happened to Jay white on Aew?
The Cesaro theory
Buff bagwell on Twitter
Wwe finally running a big show in the UK
Where is pac? I don’t think he resigns with Aew, same as MIRO
The muppet question
Cody’s raw promo on miz tv / gets to say the banned phrases
Does anyone care about veer?
Priest has the power of blue light
Why do I like this Elias thing?
The unification of all the belts
Tony Kahn and his bots
Everyone agrees with regal
Aew need to get rid of the post cameras
Trent singles push? Would he fit in BCC?
Dan lambert puts Sammy and tay in place
Chris Jericho’s sports entertainer of the week
Red velvet v willow nightengale
Punk v penta
New nxt 2.0 belt
What if Roman becomes the belt collector?
Edge / priest / rhea? Ciampa?

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Mar 30, 2022

This weeks wrestling news and our thoughts and predictions for NXT Stand and Deliver and both nights of Wrestle Mania.

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Mar 2, 2022

Onw - ep 152

Revolution predictions
Cesaro now longer with wwe
Ricochet push?
Finn balor wins the us championship
Vince to wrestle at mania / pat macafee
Wwe title unification/ end of the brand split
Buddy Matthews is all elite
Hangman puts kane in his place
Edge turns heel, will face aj
Sean Waltman v Joey Janella

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Feb 9, 2022

Onw - ep 149

Aews big debut
Shane McMahons release, backstage behavior at the rumble
Does Brock win at elimination chamber
Reggie and Dana brook romance angle
Ugh Goldberg v Roman
Randy ortons “baking” knowledge
Will osprey calls out Mox at a rev pro show
Brian Kendrick
Mox and Brian Danielson

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Jan 23, 2022

Onw - ep 147

I don’t run from demons, I just beat the shit out of them. -Jon Moxley
Mlw : Azteca underground might be good, has Cortez, recorded in Tijuana, 5150 are good.
Lio rush is a free agent
Joey janella, Marko stunt, Peter Avalon, Brian cage contracts to expire
Sami Zayn signs wwe contract
Mox v dbry
Vince wanted nxt coaches to look younger
Andrade/ HFO
EMBER moon to Aew?
Finn Balor is dead
Hook is a beast
Omos v Reggie
Bischoff and JJ at smackdown

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Jan 13, 2022

Onw - EP 146

Jurassic express new champs.
Fenix injury
House of black
Battle of the belts, letdown/ interim tnt champion 
Seth v Roman
Corey graves cleared for return
What ever happened to the partnership with the Chinese promotion(oriental wrestling entertainment) and aew. CIMA
Mlw suing wwe
Alpha academy win raw tag titles
Cody/Sami belt bag tradition
AEW's Billy Gunn Files Trademark For 'New Age Outlaws’
Tom Hannifan signs with impact
Mikey James Royal rumble
Roh invasion of impact

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Jan 5, 2022

Onw - Ep 145

It’s the new year and we’ve missed day one predictions
Brock was the right choice
Cody wins the tnt title / nows the change to change the name or the belt with it being on Cody
Mercedes Martinez
Bring back MIRO
House of black adding a member on Wednesday, with a third to come
Wrestlers that would be great if they had characters
Tony Kahn / big swoll
Tony storm leaves wwe
Your favorite wrestler of the 2021?
Mustafa ali v Shinsuke Nakamura for the ic 
Jeff Jarrett makes a gcw appearance
Is a dark/ elevation belt a good idea? 
Fun fact: jake atlas makes the 100th male member of the aew roster
Did you remember?
-nikki ash won the raw women’s belt
-John cena wrestled Roman
-the bucks took about 3 months to fully turn heel
-baker won her title in may
Ple - premium live event

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Dec 22, 2021

Onw - Ep 144

The Broadway hangman and Brian
KO resigns with wwe / no, no cut clause
The rock buys wwe/ keeps steph and trips
Wardlow is my dark horse for one day jumping to wwe
Brock and Roman is interesting again
Tbs title victor
ROH update 
Asuka return/ bliss return?
Is liv Morgan ready?
Send the Viking raiders back to nxt and be dominant
Wrestling fantasy porno
Roman Steph
Trish and the rock
Luna gangrel

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Nov 24, 2021

Onw - 142

Survivor series thoughts
Charlotte v becky
The egg
Big e Seinfeld gear (show about nothing)
Kenny omega news
Fan attacks rollins on raw
Scotty 2 hotty asks for his release
When do they do Bryan v hangman? Winter is coming?
Bray Wyatt debut?
What happened to Brian cage?
What do you do with lance archer upon his return?
Punk v mjf
Njpw strong
Mox and Kingston v Suzuki and archer
Dante and lio rush / team Taz 
Is there room for a third/ fourth major promotion?
What do you think is going on with wwe? Do you think they are selling and if so who is buying?
Wrestling Shoot fights
Kingston v punk
Riddle v Goldberg
Charlotte v becky

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Nov 15, 2021

Thoughts on AEW Full Gear 2021

Media Scrum with Tony Kahn

Survivor Series Predictions

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Oct 27, 2021

Onw - 10-26-21 - Ep 139

Onw goes to dynamite
Danielson v Dustin
Lance archer botch
Cody v black - booed out the building
Punk and Bobby fish 
Dark - qt Marshall shiner
Charlotte and Becky
Crown jewel fallout
Jimmy rave
Owens bizarre hhh theory
Tony nese - Aew
Marty Scurll to continue working in Puerto Rico
Nxt Halloween havoc
Report: Parents Of Izzy Initiated Booing Of MSK In WWE NXT
Tony Khan Announces AEW Dynamite Will Be Live Coast-To-Coast In The United States
Impact Bound for glory
WWE Confirm WrestleMania 38 Will Be Two-Night Event As 2022 Pay-Per-View Schedule Is Released
Jericho cruise
Welcome Taylor Rotunda fka Bo Dallas to [WrestleCade] Revenge!

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Aug 18, 2021

Onw 8-17-21

Should have put the tag belts on the dark order
Max caster
Jericho v wardlow, next week mjf 
Kenny drops the impact belt to Christian
Flair and Andrade
Kenny retains
Sasha and Bellair cancelled on live shows
The show heels
Nxt back to taping shows
Apparently we have a segment called moist tv with Morrison
Summerslam and nxt takeover predictions
FB questions
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Aug 11, 2021

Onw - 8-10-21

More releases
Nxt set for big changes
Is Vince angry with HHH?
The Adam cole situation
Pete dunnes future

Nick Gage getting an action figure

Bray teases a new look, evil samurai?

Our experience at Aew dynamite
Black steals the show
Clever Jericho win
No merch / concessions
Annoying fans
Will cody retire soon?

Joey Janella turns on sonny kiss

Buddy Murphy to be a part of the house of black?

Finn balor already talking about a third nxt run

Aew rampage 4 man announce team
Taz, Excalibur, Jericho, mark henry

Elias gimmick change
Rkbro / Randy’s new look
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Aug 4, 2021

Onw - Ep 128

We can’t completely ignore the genius of bray.
Call bray “him”
Ric flair
Sting woo
Owen has no interest in flair with Aew
Cassidy vs evil uno
Super dragon black
Is hangman the leader of the dark order? Chosen one?
Is Mox turning heel?
Ticket sales
What if they still have cody win? Screw job/ huge heel turn / black is face… goes after the eye?
Who takes it from MIRO?
Who takes it from the bucks? Dark order with all but the tnt title?
Cena is a heel for fucking over Finn and Corbin
Vince taking shit
Adam cole is a gem
What if they fired drew next ?
Who do the releases help? Upper midcard
KO, Sami , jinder
Goldberg must die
Becky isn’t back until October
Are we just waiting for the draft?
Will that change anything?
Nikki wil drop it son
Karrion kross will become the next big face/ fiend
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Jul 21, 2021

Onw -Ep- 126

Vince-Where the hell have you been?
Jay white
Bryan Myers next kenny opponent 
MITB : the good and the bad
Peacock debacle - pat macafee quote
Bat shit crazy raw
New braun Merch on wwe shop
Cenas return
Weird crowds
Drew is still a heel
The elite v dark order storyline
Reggie new 24/7 champ, new direction for the belt
Separating Andrade and Vicki?
Daniel Bryan’s future
Naomi moved to sdl, could she join the family?
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Jul 7, 2021
Onw - 7-6-22
Jinder and drew
The elite mustaches
Jimmy uso arrested for dui again
Selina Vega returns to wwe
Teagan nox returns
Dark order kicked off bte
Terry funk in bad shape
Are they turning Baron Corbin face?
Vince loves Eva Marie and dewdrop (piper niven)
Tony Kahn didn’t pay for the exploding barbed wire death match
Was rhea always an awful promo?
Nxt great American bash
Vince wants Bronson reed
Swerve new North American champion
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Feb 24, 2021

On This Weeks Show:

Elimination chamber fall out

Building towards mania

Miz becomes first two time grand slam champion 

Braun v Shane ?

Lashley / Drew / Shamus / Brock

Rhea to raw

Asuka loses a tooth

Priest v Garza 

A&e biography series / 8 parts/ April 18th / first episode Stone cold steve Austin 

Aew plans

Exploding barbed wire deathmatch 

Anna jay injured 6-12 months

Women’s world title eliminator tournament

Britt baker v Nyla rose semi finals

Tully Blanchard returns to the ring / going to murder Marko stunt

Notes from today's Tony Khan interview with Bryan Alvarez

FTR's Dax, replying to Cody Rhodes: "Friends 4ever", with a GIF of the Four Horsemen...

Ric Flair on why he and Arn Anderson are no longer close - 9pm EST on Tuesday's

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Feb 17, 2021

Onw - 2-16-21

Ryan nemeth is more entertaining than his brother

Vengeance day / motn? 

Eli drake - LA Night

Big swerve at nxt with UE and Balor 

Botched table spot

Pete Dunn didn’t look gray

Kenny / kenta / mox/ archer 

Sammy quits the IC

Peter Avalon’s bed

Aew kenta match on njpw world

Kenny golf course

Elimination chamber changes

Lacey Evan’s pregnant/ ric flair

Did taker ever have green gloves?

Randy gets high with snoop

Elimination Chamber 

Wwe reportedly hiring 20+ wrestlers

-Taya Valkyrie

Mvp knee injury on raw

From FB


Rumors circulating (w/ the peacock stuff going down) that Vince COULD, (I dunno) sell WWE? What say y’all? My take is, it would have to be like $5 billion or something ludicrous.

-jays comment: Would be hilarious if Ted turner bought it - 9pm EST on Tuesday's

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Feb 10, 2021

Onw - 2-9-21

People bitching about the half time of the super bowl but praising its production value... have these people never seen a wrestlemania? Including production friends.


Kenta and the forbidden door

Rocky Ramero interview

Good brothers having the most heavily edited match at Aew dynamite

The nightmare family add multiple people

According to Cody’s Twitter 

Aaron solow

Nick comoroto 

Cody on The Nightmare Family: "It’s not a routine wrestling 'faction'. More a ensemble of focused individuals, some who train at the factory together, who just have a singular focus over the sport. Authentic relationships. Not always together, but ready when the call comes, and will have your back."

Friend Dan doesn’t get/ like the jungle express

Beach bash was a let down / apart from kenta

Wedding was meh

Arn Anderson’s cryptic comments

“Life changing”

Arn Anderson: "there’s something happening pretty soon on will change my life 100%, it will change that individual’s life 100% as far as building a new tag team for the future. That may be the first building block, we’ll just sit on that for now. There are some plans in the works"


Shane is back. Might be a Dick against drew considering the history

Elimination chamber/ aj, Jeff Hardy, orton, miz, shamus, drew - raw only

Keith lee v riddle / lashley / us title

Lashley beats down lee

What’s weird to me is that it seems like they are using riddle and lee to build lashley’s cred rather the other way around.

It’s like they needed to legitimize lashley before he gets beat

Asuka v Lacey Evan’s with flair

Damien priest and bad bunny / miz/ does priest take the briefcase, if so what are the rules?

Lana does the impossible. “Eyeroll” bad payoff if any. 

Nia jax - my hole! 

Naoimi and lana

Shayna doesn’t do much but put her arms on her hips and look mad.

Or so I thought, decent match with Naomi, looks tough, gets beat by a roll up after kicking the shit of lana.

Randy technically won the main event by dq

Mania compared to super bowl

Cardboard cut outs

Talking smack

Kayla Braxton and Paul heyman work well together.

Big E and heyman on talking smack.

Could big big one day become a heyman guy?

Heyman likes Bianca

Heyman and Pearce

Blake and Murphy reunion?

Lars Sullivan: the brilliant behemoth

Finn balor has now spent more days in nxt than on the main roster - 9pm EST on Tuesday's

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Jan 27, 2021

Onw 1-26-21 - Ep 101


Reginald for President / put him in the rumble


Undertaker on Rogan / video games

Joey Jenalla tree tweets


Sting is boring / revolution changing dates because of jake Paul


Peacock : wwe network 

ESPN stops airing wwe content 


I actually wanted to see Paul Heyman wrestle


Rumble predictions talk

Edge promo



My hair looks like anjelicho when I let it down


$45 for each good brothers figure : pre order


Nia jax botches again


Is it possible to boo anyone at mania? First time for fans back...


Lots of red herrings for the rumble


BROCK wins - Owens pick


Watching the 95 rumble again

Also bushwhackers be jacked

Luger is sharing the same Roids

This rumble rules, now I’ve got mantaur

And the Portuguese man of war

Crush looked pretty cool in his black and white gear and purple.

Bulldog v Shawn is a Master class at the beginning and end, but boring and lackluster in the middle of the match. 


Superstar spectacle/ jinder v drew?



From the internet:

Should Sid Vicious be in the HOF?


Bring back King of the Ring but with a couple stipulations


First off KoTR gets the title shot at Summerslam. This gives KOTR importance again.


Second, instead of giving people shitty King gimmicks they should carry a level of power after winning (being able to appear on different brands, allowed to book/veto matches). Imagine a guy like Roman winning KOTR, and as King of the Ring, he's allowed to throw his weight around like showing up on different brands or undermine Adam Pearce in various ways.


Not necessarily be given full authority or autonomy, but the KOTR would have more power and control compared to everyone else on the roster.


Young rock trailer:

Great casting for Rocky / not so great for Andre

DiscussingFilm on Twitter - ‘YOUNG ROCK’ will feature an alternative reality in 2032 where Dwayne Johnson is running for President. Rosario Dawson and Randall Park have been cast as his aides.


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Jan 13, 2021
f you would be perfectly fine not ever seeing a single wrestler again, who would it be?
Aew Kenny v fenix
Good brothers return / it’s complicated with the bucks and bc
Did jake butt fuck alex marvez for 2 hours on bte?
Bayleys overall confidence on stone colds podcast
Jinder mahal- nxt india superstar spectacle
Curry man 
Our NXT experience
Underwhelming show, great experience
Best matches
Women’s match
Cruiserweight match
No cage match
Lumis is creepy
Scarlet is hot, kross is mean
Gargano made eye contact with me and I almost fainted whilst booing him. Dreamy
I like Keith Lee and shamus / big lee win
Drew and covid
Roman and Adam Pearce
Randy vs hhh
Xavier woods v tbar / v ali
-new day v retribution angle
M riddle v lashley / could be a good long term feud given the mma background
Adam Pearce facts
His last match was against hangman page 
5 time nwa champion
On July 20, 2011, Pearce debuted as U.S. Marshal Adam J. Pearce at Juggalo Championship Wrestling's event Above The Law.[28] There he aligned himself with Officer Colt Cabana, whom he later helped win the JCW World Heavyweight Championship.
On June 24, 2020, Pearce announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19.
Duce -
What’s your thoughts on the length of bte lately. The longer length is getting people like leva bates and Kris statlander some FaceTime but it just seems like there getting a little too long. Your thoughts?
Dec 23, 2020

Onw - 12-22-20

TLC recap
Miz cash in
What’s next for the fiend?
Physical hall of fame
Big e intercontinental championship
The super elite
Hangman and the dark order
Joey v Kenny - Don callis commentary
New nxt show / Lucha based?
Aj styles wants edge or hhh at mania
WWE Shop finally has Mustafa Ali replica masks, after he is done using it as part of his entrance.
Raw legends week - 2 weeks away
Flair, hogan, Alicia fox
Who was the jobber back in the day that used to tap Himself on the back?
What do you think of Kenny omega and the good brothers having a match at impacts hard to kill ppv?
Hall of fame game
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