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Sep 18, 2023


  • The Rock returns to Smackdown in Denver
    • Rock says that the match with him and Roman was “locked in” for Wrestlemania 39
  • Pat Macafee
  • John Cena doesn't talk on a talk show?
  • The Judgement Day logo looks super cool on the titantron
  • LA Knight vs. Mix just kind of happened. 
    •  What title should LA Knight go after?
  • AJ Styles is in the mix now? Weird but I'm for it
  • Nia Jax return = LAME
  • WWE Docs - Angle and Cody Rhodes
  • WWE Layoffs
  • Jade Cardgill to WWE?
  • Possible restructure of titles in WWE post TKO
  • Vibe since CM Punk is gone?
  • CM Punk blading video
  • Do we care?
  • Why expose this stuff? Not just because it’s CM Punk, but of anyone doing it.
  • Also, he stabbed himself pretty hard lol
  • CM Punk saying he has about 2 months of time

  • Wrestledream is shaping up nicely so far
  • AEW finally going to MAX
    • Thoughts on 12 PPVs a year?

  • Jericho and Sammy video package. Hilarious with the music
  • Are they trying to do a similar thing as the bromance with MJF and Cole? 

  • RVD coming back to AEW Collision 9/23 Grand Rapids MI

  • Mox’s has the Arthritis of a 70 yr old man

  • Grand Slam excitement?

  • AEW tour schedule 
Sep 5, 2023

ONW - EP 206
All in / CM Punk
Thoughts on using real glass
Did you feel like this had the feel of a Wrestle Mania?
Thoughts on all in / Best match / Worst match
Was it the right call to keep the belt on MJF?
Is MJF playing a long con?
WWE Payback
John Cena as a host / Lance Cattermeran comeback / New season of Southpaw?
Judgment Day stands tall
Trish and Becky overdeliver
Did KO Blade? Sami and KO v JD was fun / That KO spot
Why do i find Seth Rollins matches so boring?
Last chance for Shinsuke? Another match with Seth on backlash? Should he win this time?
Highs and Lows
All Out
Did TK do the right thing prior to Collision? Was the Punk firing enough to course correct?
Did the vibe feel different for you?
Weight off the companies shoulders with the firing of CM Punk
TK has cured cancer Sign / The Chicago crowd / Lack of Punk chants
Kevin Kelly sucks
Overall Random All Out thoughts
Miro and hobbs was great / meat stuff / CJ Perry
MOTN : Danielson v Starks / great way to build a top star / probably a better match than the
punk match would have been
Mox v Orange was perfect / Mox didn't blade for once
A new Era for AEW / Things i'm curious about for the future:
What's next for Hangman? Should have either donated to a mental health charity or drank all
the money
Joe v MJF is interesting, right choice for a feud? The promo battles will be epic
Rematch for Kenny and Takeshita? Takeshita is like a missile
With Darby losing, where do you go with the TNT title picture? / Christian on the scrum
Does Orange take a break and come back to challenge for world title?
Who’s first for Mox? Do we actually do a full Kingston feud and strap him up? Hangman v Mox
LFI vignette / LFI V BCC?
When do we see Jack Perry again? What will his reaction be like?
Is Jay White a Main Eventer in waiting?
Extra Random Thoughts:
Is Serpentico a white dude?
Why has Cena not gotten a hair transplant?
I like the dark order heel turn
Does WWE make a play for Punk?
-If CM Punk returns to WWE at the Royal Rumble on Saturday January 27th, 2024, it
would mark exactly 10 years since he quit WWE on January 27th, 2014 backstage at Monday
Night RAW
Will Punk try and sue AEW?
Induct bray to the HOF?
Does Cody ever turn heel?
Romans title reign outlasted all of punks Aew career

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Aug 19, 2023

ONW - EP 205

The build to All in has been underwhelming

Why are there so many multi man / women matches?

The Cash Wheeler situation

Should Edge hang up his boots? Does he show up at All In

Has the bloodline story jumped the shark?

Joker Sting is back

Who is Ricky Starks going to manage?

CM Punk is still a dick / Hangman Situation

Hangman is drinking again

Kenny beat down was terrible

Texas chainsaw massacre match

Does Adam Cole v MJF feel big enough for you?

Shinsuke looking to challenge Seth Rollins, any chance he could win it?

Stadium Stampede at all in

Logan Paul pitches the most hated tag team with Dominick Mysterio

Lacey Evans done with WWE

The Tony Kahn segment on dynamite

Will Osprey changes the IWGP US Title to the UK title

Jey Uso “leaving” WWE

Rey Mysterio wins the US title on SD

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Aug 1, 2023

Rise of the Bang Bang gang
-Entrance is such a banger
Adam Cole and MJF - Double Clothesline
-Shoulld they have beat FTR
CM Punk and the “REAL” world championship
-NWO Rip off
● Deja vu
-Starks turning back heel, good or bad?
Buddy Matthews pops shoulder back in on Collision - MOTN
Seems unusual that we haven't had any matches announced for ALL IN
What do you want to see?
Omega v Osprey
Cole v MJF
Punk v MJF
Hook vs JB
How do you fix Jungle Boy?
Saraya vs Brit?
Jericho/Calis program with JAS/BCC?
Not gonna happen, but would be awesome to see a Nigel McGuiness return to the ring
If Hayter is still injured, who does Toni face / Outcasts split Saraya ?
Booking a better women's division
Scorpio Sky injured again
Thoughts on Blood and Guts
Eddie Kingston's excellent summer adventure
AEW Hired Chris Hero as a full time producer
Vince Mchmahon undergoes spinal surgery
Rey Mysterio injury during Smackdown
Where should they take LA Knight
AJ/Cross - do you care?
Expectations for Gable Steveson
Crowd turned on him cheered for Corbin at GAB
Wrestled to a no contest
Dominic and the North American Title
Lija Dragunov can not have a bad match. Legit one of the best in the WWE rn
Brian Pillman JR in NXT?
Summer Slam build
Paul v Ricochet
Gunther v Drew
Bayzler v Ronda
Jay v Roman
Cody V Brock
Asuka defends against Charlotte Flair & Bianca Belair
Seth Rollins defends against Finn Balor
Slim Jim battle royal

Jun 28, 2023

ONW - EP 203
Forbidden Door thoughts
MJF V Tanahashi - MJF carried Tana through this match, Tana’s knees are shot
Is it just me or does MJF do the same hurt knee gimmick in every single match?
Worst MJF match to date of his run. Can’t just blame it on him obviously.
Punk v Kojima - Elbow to the dick / WTF was that GTS? Does punk win the Owen?
Orange V Shibata V ZSJ V Daniel Garcia - I want to see Orange V ZSJ at All In
Garcia had a strong showing in this match considering the other 3 people in it. Good for him.
Sanada V Jungle Boy - Over delivery of a match / Jungle Boy heel turn / Hollywood Jack Perry
Hung Bucks + Eddie Kingston + Tomohiro Ishii V BCC + Takeshita + Shota Umino - Fun match,
really impressed once again with Takeshita / Kingston and Mox developments are interesting /
Kingston has Line Cook Energy LMFAO 🤣
Toni Storm V Willow Nightingale - Had me believing that Willow might win at points
Will Osprey V Kenny Omega - MOTY / easily the best match of the night / How many stars will
Meltzer give it / How is Kenny not paralyzed ? Cool they used the NJPW Kenny Theme / When
will they do PT3? / Crossface spot / Shawn Michaels stuff
Do you think this match was better than Part 1?
Sting, Darby Allin & Tetsuya Naito v Jericho + Sammy + Suzuki - What the hell happened here /
Major botch with sammy and sting/ Sting looked out of it
Sting claims retirement match against Jericho at All In isn’t happening.
Bryan Danielson V Okada - Good match, but not nearly as good as i thought it would be / Too
high of expectations? Broken arm / smart way to finish / shocking victory for Bryan / yes chants
Overall a good show, but a bit too predictable in parts. Forbidden Door 1 might have been a
better overall show.
Weird way to book the card. Kenny v Ospreay should have closed. No one could have followed
Would have liked to see Adam Cole and Filthy Tom
Other AEW Stuff
He’s Gay chants for Bowens
Miro renounces his god and wife
Gunns officially in BC gold
John Morrison attacks Billy Gunn
Athena needs to be more of a fixture on the main roster
Collision's viewership fell 27 percent from its debut episode.
Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii set for AEW Dynamite
I don’t think Punk takes any of this seriously. Dude is washed up and it’s apparent he didn’t do
the work to get back in the ring. He is just riding off his name and past accomplishments.
Fuck yeah Toronto crowds (minus the last two matches of FD, but I don’t blame them)
Roman Reigns, Logan Paul set for next WWE SmackDown
Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler unify WWE & NXT Women’s Tag Team titles
Rousey & Baszler will now defend the titles across all three brands.
Vince is rewriting shows at the last min again
3 matches on SD advertised did not take place
Ciampa’s Return / What direction would you like them to go in?
Pharaoh makes his RAW debut
Seth is a tracky boi
Becky is looking weirdly skinny
Are the Street Profits just jobbers now?
Rousey and Basler do nothing for me. The unification match didn’t seem like it was really that
special at all.
Raquel is basic.
Women’s tag division is basic at best too.
I like seeing Carmelo Haze on RAW
Even though I don’t watch NXT I’m like the crossovers and seeing the stories overlap on shows.

Barry Horowitz lost documentary

MITB Predictions

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Jun 22, 2023

ONW - EP 202

AEW Dynamite

Cole V MJF / Time limit draw / the match cole needed / fantastic finish
Was not expecting the draw, buy gives Cole a reason to challenge again down the road. 

Hungbucks v BCC / Crazy ending to the show / Eddie Kingston / Will Ospreay 

AEW Rampage

Bandido v Takeshita 
Bandido injured, broken wrist
Aubrey Edwards was terrible
What is the end game of this angle?

Aew Collision

Good first impressions of the set
Thoughts on “Saturday nights alright for fighting”
Thoughts on Kevin Kelly and Nigel Mcguiness 
Chris Hero working backstage on a trial basis
Collision did string numbers. 3rd in cable that night with 816k viewers and a .33 share of demo. Where do you guys think it will average out? 
Lackluster promo from punk / kind of have to do a program with the elite
    -Are they turning it into a work?
Is there still a legal gag order?
    -Removing the AEW logo from the mic
    -Hung Bucks vs CMFTR at Wembley ?
    -I think theres more to what was in the bag (AEW title)
    -Counterfeit Bucks
    -At what point do they turn him heel?
    -Punk is self righteous and in fact should apologize to a number of people
    -Phil Brooks is a piece of shit and a bully. He pretends to be some kind of crusader and warrior for the weak. But in real life he is everything that he claims to stand against.
Young Bucks response on twitter: If it were 2018, we’d already have a “Counterfeit Bucks” shirt available on PWT. Kill it Ya’ll
Luchasaurus was the right pick to win the tnt title / like that christian is taking all the credit (I DID IT!!)
Wardlow looks like Bron Breakker without his long hair
Awkward spot where Wardlow almost dropped Luchasaurus on his head
Banger match with Andrade v Buddy Mathews / Do Andrade and his gang go after the trios titles? / Cool that he used the figure 8 / Andrade wrestling more like he did in nxt 
The return of Scorpio Sky
Miro’s return was good, half expected CJ / Awesome new shirt / not sure who his first real program should be
Stand out performance from Skye Blue / one hell of a finisher
Willow v Toni at forbidden door?
Owen Hart tournament / Early Picks / Starks / Hobbs
It’s going to be really sad when the acclaimed turn on daddy ass
CMFTR - Comforter
Good match, but carried by everyone but punk
    -Juice was hilarious and have a good showing
    -Smart to have Jay not eat the pin
    -Joe looked like a monster
    -Shockingly no post match angle
-I want to see more bullet club gold

Is collision going to be different enough to grab more of an audience for AEW?

WWE Smackdown

Why does roman still have the 2 old belts?
“What!” during romans program / Is it time to wrap this up finally?
Sometimes when Jey gets mad he looks like a little kid having a tantrum

The bloodline crumbles / Usos Superkick the shit out of roman / Bloodline Civil War at MITB

Kross + Scarlett V AJ and Mia 

Baron Corbin now feuding with Cameron Grimes? Is his NXT run over?

Ridge and Seamus run through everyone
Is hit Row done? Lets hope
Pretty deadly to face sami and Ko

Damage Control breaking up infront of our eyes

Bianca and Charlotte… BLEH

LA gets pinned by santos / LA feels like the MITB favorite


Logan Paul announces himself for MITB
Ciampa Return
Finn attacks seth

Fight forever even includes botches / Exploding barbed wire death match
GCW: Nick Gage V ZSJ

Finn Balor attacks Seth Rollins on WWE NXT

AEW Forbidden Door Predictions

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Jun 14, 2023

ONW - Ep 201

RIP - Iron Sheik

New Women's Championships / Charlotte Flair returns
Rhea - Womens World Champion
Asuka - WWE Womens Champion (Undisputed on the belt) (Do they know what that means?)

Unifying the womens tag belts

Gunther hits 365 days as IC Champion

Jey uso to heyman: If im in the Bloodline, you're out the bloodline

More NXT Main Roster crossover / Hayes attacks Corbin on SD / Bron Brekker calls out Seth Rollins

Corbin V Ilja Draganov 

Brock V Cody rumored to be in a bull rope match
Are they actually setting up Rhea and Dom V Cody and Brandi?

Mens MITB - Santos, LA Knight, Ricochet, Shinsuke, Butch, Damien Priest
Rollins v Balor
Women's MITB - Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, Zoey Stark, Bayley, IO Sky, TBD

What do they do with Logan Paul next? ideas 

Thoughts on the return of Ciampa

 Ko’s Character lately has been hilarious/ almost breaking kayfabe

WWE rights fees negotiations with fox, moving SD to FX?

Jay goes to AEW Dynamite

MJF V Adam Cole on Dynamite
Punk + FTR v Samoa Joe and BC Gold
Mark Brisco + Papa Brisco + Aubrey Edwards V Jeff Jarret, Jay Lethal and Karen Jarret
BCC v The Hung Bucks
Skye Blue defeats Britt Baker/Martinez/Nyla rose to challenge Toni Storm - Interesting choice

Wardlow has gotten worse at promos somehow, Arn is the best though
Wardlow V Jake Hager…again

The Ethan page hardy stuff is actually kind of amusing lately. Babyface turn for Page

Preston Vance’s Gusher in his tag match PV + Dralistico V Jungle Hook


Forbidden Door
Okada v Danielson
Omega v Osprey
Rumors of a SANADA match - Possibly with Jericho or Hangman
Will MJF have a FD match?
Punk v Kenta?
Does Mercedes Mone show up to set up a match at All In?

Now that he’s beaten Swerve, who is next for Orange Cassidy and who will end his International Title run?

Rumors of Sean Waltman in AEW / What would you do with him?

CM Punk + MJF Dog Collar figures

Motor city Machine guns, alex shelly wins the impact word title, Chris Sabin wins X division title at Against All Odds

Dirty Dangos latest gimmick / Vignette 

ROH Board of Directors, Stokely Hathaway & Jerry Lynn Storyline
Samoa Joe will defend the ROH World Television Championship against Matt Sydal
ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Mogul Embassy (Bishop Kaun, Toa Liona & Brian Cage) defend against AR Fox, Action Andretti & Darius Martin

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Jun 6, 2023

ONW - EP 200

New Rules for predictions

Revolving Guests

Romans new belt

Behind the Bastards on Vince: (takeaways)
Vinces first wrestling name  ***Man McMahon
1970’s New Jersey commission wouldn't let them have a fake wedding
Trump helped fund Wrestlemania 4
    -heenan commercial

Does an Uso need to take the belt?

The Best Dynamite and Rampage in quite some time.

The mixed reaction from the CM Punk Announcement

Darby Allin and MT Everest / AEW Flag

NJPW Dominion

The James Bond MITB Packages / Build  / LA Knight 

Adam Cole looks small and hesitant / Not ready for a main event run

Give Zack Sabre Jr both of the TV Titles

20 AEW PPV’s

Is JR doing better?

Jimmy / Jay and Roman / how would you book the fall of the bloodline?

The All in Speculation game:
See Probable Roster document

Eddie Kingston NJPW G1 Climax and other G1 wrestlers:

Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, Will Ospreay, Hiroshi Tanahashi, David Finlay, Shota Umino, Shingo Takagi, Tomohiro Ishii, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Hikuleo, Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, KENTA, Zack Sabre Jr., Taichi, Eddie Kingston, El Phantasmo, Ren Narita, EVIL, Chase Owens, Jeff Cobb, Great-O-Khan, Aaron Henare, Gabriel Kidd, Alex Coughlin, Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls, Yota Tsuji & Kaito Kiyomiya

Danielson v Okada

Who has more crowd heat Don or Dom?

How did Jay White and FTR suddenly become interesting to me? 

Direction for each of the 4 pillars post DoN

Tony Kahn names Stokely Hathaway and Jerry Lynn as the new Board of Directors for ROH. In story, the pair will have matchmaking and decision-making authority that can only be overruled by TK himself.

New WWE and Twitch multi-year partnership announced

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Jun 1, 2023

ONW - Ep 199

Big weekend in Wrestling. Reviews of NOC / DON / and even NXT Battle Ground 


Is the Heavyweight championship a Mid card belt?
Who is next for Seth Rollins?

Gunther V Ali was a massive over delivery
Where does Ali go after this? 

Right move to put the title on Asuka
Thought the mist angle was awkward. 

Zoey Stark push
Was Trish win the right move? 

MOTN - Rhea v Natalya 

Cody and Brock needed a stip to make sense
Hell in the cell next?

Wonderful entrance / intro promo from Sami, the beginning of the end of the bloodline

Thought it was odd they highlighted Mustafa Alis Muslim heritage but glossed over Samis. But still, amazing moment for Sami. 
    -Triple threat with Roman and the Usos? Does Solo go Solo or unite with the Usos?
Can Roman be a threat alone? 


Pre show match was trash, tired of all of this storyline. Bad Jeff Hardy bump, fire him. 

    -Gunns should join bullet club gold
Fantastic battle royal to open the show. Loved the Finish. Give Big Bill a Push (he ruled)
    -What's next for Orange? Feud with Swerve?
Could definitely see them putting the belt.on Swerve
Sabu was kind of pointless, match was Meh, lame finish to cole and jericho
Commentators pointed this out to, no one was sure what his role was. 
    -there's something intriguing yet irritating about a pairing of Jericho and Saraya 
Wardlow and Christian over delivered, but i'm still not sold on wardlow, shouldn't have cut his hair 
Definitely a roller-coaster of a match, Wardlow saved the match at the end with the Swanton. Got the crowd into it. 
    -What the hell was all the Arn stuff? Is this the end of the feud or more to go with Lucha Saurus? Should they make Luchasaurus and Wardlow a tag team?
Arn with the blood all over his mouth was an interesting visual 
Hoping Jamie Hayter is ready to go for All In, but right call to put the belt back on Toni Storm
Could definitely tell they were structuring the match around the hurt arm, but they still kept the believability up. But definitely the right move to set up the chase for Wembley. 
I love Jeff Jarret and was very entertained by the Tag Title match. 
    -Guitar bump for aubrey 
Decent match with Jade and Taya. Had me thinking that Taya would win. Great to see Statlander return, hope she stays healthy
Jade had a banger of an entrance. 
Reminded me a lot of Wrestlmania 9 when Yokozuna put up the title right after beating Brett Hart and lost it to HH. Doesn't feel like as big of a win..

Trios titles Acclaimed vs HoB. 
What was with the Acclaimed waving dealers choice. Missed an opportunity. Good line about Murphy and Dom. 
Billy Gunn yelling 'fuck you" while doing the famouser on Brody was hilarious. 
Fantastic 4 way wrestling match for the Championship, but MJF was never going to lose. 
Everyone had a special entrance except Jack
Everyone did a spot where they hit their mentors finishers
The MJF mic spot
Perry debating a turn
MJF did a Candido tribute spot "blond bombshell" top rope power bomb 
    -Did they just babyface sammy? Im more interested in him than ive ever been after that match. The human Centipede Spot and the masterful way MJF won.
Congrats to Tay and Sammy
Anarchy in the Arena was fun, what was up with the lead singers mask? They need a redzone type gimmick to watch those matches properly.

    -How did they do the shoe pyro?
    -I hate thumbtacks in feet 
Kenny Omegas post match promo - 2 friends from new Japan

NXT Battleground

Wes Lee v Tyler Bate v Joe Gacy -Wes Lee is good, but Bate should have won. Bates old music was better

I dig the Heritage cup rules and think they should go more with it. Noam Dar defeats Dragon Lee

Gallus sucks but the Creed brothers need to get called up very soon. Should work with chad gable in some fashion or form, maybe even Kurt Angle

Great last man Standing match. Dragunov is incredible. Crying selling 

Tiffany Stratton is money

As is Carmelo Hayes. 

They are calling up Bron Breker soon

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May 25, 2023

Ya boys talk all about Night of Champions, Double or noting and the state of the Wrestling indusrtry.

Heres the notes:

ONW - EP 198


Seth "Freakin" Rollins vs. AJ Styles

Tournament final for the inaugural World Heavyweight Championship[13]


Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar

Singles match[32]


Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (c) vs. The Bloodline (Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa) (with Paul Heyman)

Tag team match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship[33]


Gunther (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship[34]


Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka

Singles match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship[35]


Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Natalya

Singles match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship[36]


Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus

Singles match[37]

Do you think they will ever do a rhea / dom marriage angle?

HHH Cody interaction on Raw


Double or Nothing


MJF (c) vs. Sammy Guevara vs. "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry vs. Darby Allin

Four-way match for the AEW World Championship[11]


FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal (with Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh)

Tag team match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship[12]

Mark Briscoe will serve as the special guest referee.


Wardlow (c) (with Arn Anderson) vs. Christian Cage (with Luchasaurus)

Ladder match for the AEW TNT Championship[13]


Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Aaron Solo vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. QT Marshall vs. 17 TBD competitors

21-man Blackjack Battle Royal for the AEW International Championship[14]


Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Toni Storm

Singles match for the AEW Women's World Championship[15]


Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and "Hangman" Adam Page)

Anarchy in the Arena match[16]


Jade Cargill (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Singles match for the AEW TBS Championship[17]


Ethan Page and The Gunns (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) vs. The Hardy Party (Isiah Kassidy, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy)

Six-man tag team match[18]

If Hardy Party wins, Matt Hardy will own Ethan Page's contract.


Adam Cole vs. Chris Jericho

Unsanctioned match[18]

Who takes the belt off of MJF and when?


How do you make collision must see if punk doesnt show up.

-It's weird how weve gone from saying: "AEW has such a bloated roster!” and now we're saying "how will AEW ever possibly do a second show with talent people care about?"


Dream card - Who would you have go over? All Wrestlers are in their prime:

Kenny Omega V HBK

Bret Hart V Okada

Danielson V Benoit

Ladder Match - Darby V Fenix V Jeff Hardy V Xpac

6 Way Hardcore Match - Mox V Cactus Jack V Terry Funk V Nick Gage V New Jack V Abdullah the Butcher

The Giant V Keith Lee

Chyna V Rhea


Willow wins the Womens NJPW Strong title, Mercedes gets injured, planned result or audible?

Does AEW need a “Hardcore” Title - Maybe the FTW title?

With Collision coming soon, should they completely remove ROH from AEW TV? Should the ROH roster be a hard brand split?

Should collision be a hard brand split?

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May 17, 2023

ONW - EP 196

Owens missed a bunch of wrestling and needs to catch up, so its a return to the show to find out what he missed. 

Today we discuss:

Thoughts on Backlash
Did the draft matter at all?

Developments in AEW
    -Don Callis turns on Kenny / aligning with Osprey?
    -Kenny turning face?
    -Miro / Thunder Rosa return

Night of Champions 
Surprise win for Ali to become the #1 contender for the IC title

World Heavy Weight tournament final - AJ v Seth. Aj’s last chance at a big one? Does Seth deserve it more?

KO and Sami v Bloodline (Reigns, Solo)

What match will / should headline NOC?

Another Cody v Brock match

Should AEW try to run MSG?

What is Paul Heyman up to?

Is Randy Orton really done?

How to handle the Punk return

ECW  Ultimate Jeopardy cage matches

Plus SOOO Much More

Check out:

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May 8, 2023

Welcome to a very special episode of Oh No Wrestling feat. Mikey B (Mike Berlureau) of the Oh No Radio Show!

This show is a bit different in that it is not our typical ramblings on the current week of pro wrestling. This week we have our special guest Mikey B give his thoughts on four matches (listed below) that were hand selected by Owen and Matthew for him to watch. Here's the kicker.... Mikey isn't a current wrestling fan and isn't up to speed on what has been happening in recent years. So we get to hear the reactions, thoughts, grades, and questions of a non-wresting fan! It's a great conversation and we really hope you enjoy it! 

Again, BIG THANKS to Mikey B for his time and effort!! If you don't already listen to Oh No Radio Show do yourself a favor and check it out now


Dustin Rhodes v Cody Rhodes - AEW Double or Nothing 2019 - 05/25/19

Britt Baker (c) v Thunder Rosa - AEW - Unsanctioned Lights Out Match - 03/17/21

The Young Bucks (c) v The Lucha Bros - AEW World Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match  - 09/05/21

Kenny Omega v Will Ospreay - NJPW - IWGP Championship Match - 01/04/23

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Apr 30, 2023

ONW Ep 194 Notes


  • Owen Hart Tournament announced 

    • Tony's announcement style

  • Cassidy v Bandito 

    • Love both of them but the match wasn’t my favorite for some reason.

    • Bandito wearing the sunglasses. 

    • The backstage segment after the match. 

  • JJ v Dax

    • Good old school brawl

    • Sanjay Dutt

  • MJF and Sammy Bromance 

    • They had a cat play date over zoom 

  • 4 Pillars Tag Match next week 

  • Sammy vs Darby

    • MJF has his own pickles now?

  • Roderick Strong debut 

  • BCC attacks RJ City 

  • Wardlow vs jobber

    • Arn promo

    • Does he need the title

    • Put the title on Lucha?


  • Thoughts on Naturally Limitless (Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee)

    • Keith Lee's cloak

  • Julia Hart has great facial expressions during her matches. Really good in this role. 

    • I always chuckle when JR calls her a jezzabelle.


  • Horrendous segment with Hardys and the firm, Matt Hardys acting man wow. What is this shit?

  • Mogul Affiliates

    • Does Bryan Cage fit? 

    • What happened to not Lesner and the tattoo guy

  • Segment with Sammy and Tay

  • Outcast segment

    • Willow vs Saraya

    • New black eye shirt

  • The Acclaimed vs jobbers

  • Anna Jay slow burn with Julia? 

  • FTR not getting huge pops anymore. Does this have something to do with Punk alliance?

    • Does Punk come back heel or face?


  • Where is HoB (other than Julia)

  • Where are the trios titles? 

  • Why does AEW sign someone and have them show up on Dynamite and then they go to Rampage or less and someone else gets signed and shows up on Dynamite? It’s not great for new signees and I think AEW needs to work on that. 

  • Samoa Joe in Twisted Metal trailer

  • AEW Saturday Show "Collision"


  • Vikingo v Omega for AAA Championship announced for Triplemania on July 15th

  • Naomi debuts on Impact 

  • GCW announced Nic Gage vs Zack Saber Jr June 17th LA




  • Vince making changes day of again

    • Piper vs Candace pulled

  • Punk backstage before show

  • Is every RAW going to start with a Cody promo now?

  • Current thoughts on Damage CTRL?

  • Triple H’s BIG announcement. New World Heavyweight title. 

    • Who are the main contenders? 

    • Who do you want to see win?

    • Thoughts on the design?

    • Does Roman just hold the other title forever now? 

    • Does this seem like a consolation prize/title to Roman’s title or is it an equal title?

  • Seth has a good promo on Omos. “Omos, you are once in a generation because you were born that way. Seth Freaking Rollins is once in a generation because I made myself that way!”

  • KO being annoyed by Riddle cracks me up

  • Bad Bunny v Priest Street Fight at Backlash

    • Why have Rey go over Priest? 

  • LWO has finally received their own entrance music and graphic. Still doesn’t really mean anything because they never win matches. 

    • Might be to boost merchandise sales heading into Puerto Rico

    • Chavo Guerrero interview 


  • Draft 

    • The draft is once again stupid and doesn't seem to make much sense. 

    • Smackdown first in picks for first time? 

    • Really don't like the idea of factions being drafted together. 

    • Review of 1st round picks.
  • LA Knight over Butch
  • The Street Profits over Strowman/Ricochet and the LWO 

    • weeks fick.up

  • Zelina Vega over Sonya Deville

  • WWE Tag Team Championship: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens over The Usos


  • Maybe we do our own draft quickly and then see how well we called it. 

  • WWE lawsuit Brittany Abraham

    • "The suit cites “claims of discriminatory treatment, harassment, hostile work environment, wrongful termination, and unlawful retaliation against the Plaintiff due to her race, color, and gender.”

    • Bianca Bel,-Air

    • Monsoor 9/11

    • Apollo Creed angle

    • Shane Thorn hunter gimmick with Reggie

WWE Backlash Predictions

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Apr 23, 2023

Owen is on a much-deserved vacation so Matthew takes over this podcast with the help of our good friend, good brother, and Oh No Wrestling contributor Jay Jansson! We cover A LOT in this episode as we discuss what happened on all weekly WWE and AEW programming, while also discussing all the news, rumors, and speculations on "brand splits", drafts, and more! Check out the show notes below for more details, or just press play and DRINK IT IN MAAAAAAN!


  • Overall show was not great. April Slump?

  • Bloodline story dried out?

  • Cody Promo/Duster Brock

  • Rollins v Miz:

    • Actually a good match for a RAW. 

    • A rare great Miz Tv match

    • Havent we seen a lot of them in the not to distant past though?

    • I feel bad for Seth. What do they do with him? 

  • Bronson Reed nice guy gimmick

    • What is this shit?

    • Match with him and Lashley could be good. 


  • Epic Braun sequence

  • Thoughts on a possible Imperium v New Day program in the future?

  • The Nakamura video was cool. Can't say I'm invested in Cross and Scarlett yet reminds me of a Vegas magician. 

  • Sonya DeVille and Chelsea Green are like a Great Value version of the IIconics. 

  • Rhea vs Zelina in Puerto Rico

  • Gunther vs woods good match, Gunther is a star!

  • Riddle vs Solo


  • Thoughts on upcoming draft? 

    • Who can benefit from it?

    • What happens with “unified” title holders?

    • How is it going to "change the game" 

    •  WWE/Twitch deal

Good or bad for talent

  • Injuries

McIntyre, what's going on?

  • NXT: Are you watching again?


  • 4 Pillars Tournament
  • 3 Pillars promo to open the show. They seemed exposed without MJF to help them along.
  • Who do you want to see win the 4 Pillars tournament and face MJF at Doube of Nothing
  • Would rather see a 4 pillars 4 way for the title. 
  • Wardlow v Hobbs

  • Turtleneck Christian is the best incarnation of Christian. 

    •  Loved seeing Glock Anderson


  • Love that Callis brought out Takeshita to help and ally with The Elite.

    • Are we looking at BCC v Elite w/ Takeshita for Double or Nothing? 

    • Possibly Blood and Guts match or Anarchy in the Arena? 

    • I really really like this incarnation of the BCC with Danielson as the mouthpiece. Elevates Yuta too. 

    • Do you think Kota Ibushi factors into this at all? Possible Blood and Guts match? 

  • Jay White vs Kommander

    • Luchador vs psychological wrestling

    • Interesting clash of styles

    • Not really into the Bullet Club Gold stuff

  • Pairing of Briscoe with Jay Lethals faction, what is the endgame. 

  • Jeff Hardy saying “be there or be triangular”?

  • Angelo Parker's "loaded comb" a more devastating weapon than Paul Walter Hauser's golden Globe?


  • Not until Saturday night this week. Preview card? 

    • El Hio Del Vikingo vs. Dralistico for the AAA Mega Championship

    • -We’ll hear from undefeated TBS Champion Jade Cargill

    • -Jon Moxley vs. Christopher Daniels

    • -FTR, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett vs. Varsity Athletes & Slim J

    • -Kiera Hogan vs. Julia Hart

    • -We’ll hear from The Hardy Boyz, HOOK, and Isiah Kassidy


  • Thoughts on the very likely return of CM Punk and a Sunday show? Possible soft brand split.

  • FTR/PUNK show vs The Elite show. Possibly set up a PPV against brands? 

  • Thoughts on Jeff Hardy return 


  • Dax ending FTR Podcast due to toxic response

  • Will Osprey “I’m not sure how long this ride will be” video

  • I hate Goldberg but we should probably talk about the recent interview where he said he was promised a proper retirement match and is considering a four-city retirement tour. 

  • Mercedes Monet IWGP title defense Sunday vs Mayu Iwatani

    • Has Mercedes made an impact in Japan?

  • Ask Jay about his experience with Fite pass

    • Joey Janela's Spring Break, Bloodsport, Effys big gay brunch

  • YOSHIHIKO, and the art of wrestling

  • Lucha Libre & Laugh's

    • Warhorse

    • Effy

    • Maki itoh

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Apr 12, 2023

ONW - EP 191

AEW Dynamite
Jay White Debut
All in at Wembley / Is it a PPV? TV Special?
    -return of punk?
    -dream card
All out a week after

Nick Wayne / Defy / Feud with Swerve

Kota Ibushi to AEW?

What to expect from the WWE Draft?

Who should win KOTR?
    -proper tourney ppv?
Who should win the MITB Briefcase?

Backlash is shaping up:
Cody v Brock
Sami/Ko/ Riddle V Usos / Solo
Backy V Trish
Badbunny / Rey V Dom / Priest
Belair V Io



How often are we having Battle of the Belts now? I feel like it is more often than it should be. Seems like it is every couple of months and it doesnt seem special.
Also, if AEW is going to do a 2 hour Rampage they should block off the TV time as a 2 hour long program. Not 1 hour of Rampage and 1 hour of BOTB.
Do you think Taya Valkyrie is going to be the one to finally beat Jade? Possibly by using the same finisher? Anything to get Jade away from that TBS Title picture. 
Good to see Julia Hart in the ring. Her entrance is cool when she is solo. 
Why is Anna Jay talking about her ass?
Matt Hardy on Jeff returning. Says he “hopes” he will return in 6-8 weeks. I personally dont care. Go away and stay away.
Dax floating out CM Punk & FTR v The Elite at Wembly.

Logan Paul signs multi-year deal. Expires after Mania 41.
During an interview with ESPN, Logan said that he likes what creative pithed him and that he wouldn’t have stayed with WWE if he didnt think he could win a title. What title does he win? US Title from Theory?
Photoshopped picture was funny.
Liv and Raquel win titles from Becky and Trish. Do we care?
Also, when did the tag titles be able to be passed off to other wrestlers who didnt actually win? Lita to Trish…seems weird.
Becky didnt have good energy and seemed off. 
Cody v Brock
Cody had another good promo.
Triple H said at the post Mania press conference that the story never ends in WWE. However, I think that they should end stories. Since Mania it seems that they are still running with a bunch of the same stories and they all seem to have lost a bit of their luster. I’m not sure how you can build them back uo to pre Mania levels of hype.
Dom and Rey needs to be done. That promo from Dom last night was horrible. He was doing the exact same promo as the ones leading to Mania, and he stumbled over his words.

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Apr 5, 2023

Where it all goes wrong

Mania Night 2
-MOTN : Gunther V Seamus V Drew / Coles Sadistic Boner
-Otis and Brock was exactly what it needed to be
-Womens tag was pretty bad
-Bobby comes out with a trophy for reasons
-Bellaire and Asuka was good, cant understand why people were saying they didn't have chemistry / Missed Mist finish was a bit lame
-Shane Mcmahon did not to be on this show / Snoop saves the day after Shane blows his Quads
-Edge and Balor was Meh, cool edge entrance / Bad cut on Finn / Kudos for continuing the match
-Main Event: Did they miss the chance with Cody? Was that a Vince call? Bad ass entrances for both / Overall a good match with a crappy finish

Raw after mania
-The average 2023 Rampage had more wrestling than last night's Raw. Only 3 episodes had less
-Vince is clearly back in charge
-Brock V Cody as the Cody’s next feud / Good idea or bad? / Could fans side with Brock?
-Why have the street profits win at mania just to have them beaten by KO and Sami 2 nights later
-Rey and Bad Bunny V Dom and Priest
-Riddle v Miz program?
-Does huge numbers / 2.26 million 

WWE Sale / Merger with UFC
-Are you worried about changes to WWE 
-Pro’s and Con’s
-WWE and UFC could pursue combined streaming deal
-PPV Model
-Will Pursue separate TV rights fees in negotiations 
-Is this related to Vince being back in charge?
-Could it benefit AEW

AEW Dynamite
-What is TK’s Major announcement ?
    -Fight Forever release date
    -UK Show date
    -4th hour of weekly TV / Saturday show
-AEW World Trios Championship match between the House Of Black and Best Friends & Orange Cassidy 
-Hook v Ethan Page / Is Hook Stagnant?
-The Gunns (c) vs. FTR - AEW World Tag Team Championships (if FTR lose, they leave AEW)
-Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Riho - AEW Women’s World Championship 
-Sammy Guevara vs. Komander / alot of focus on Lucha Libre lately
-Ricky Starks vs. Juice Robinson 
-MJF celebration
-The Acclaimed Made Decision On Their Jericho Appreciation Society Status

-RIP Bushwacker Butch Miller / The Sheepherders 
-RIP Max Crabtree
-Grizzled Young Vets asked and granted WWE/NXT Release /  James Drake and Zack Gibson / Schism - Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler - "The Dyad
-Wrestlecon Gisele Shaw Rick Steiner incident
-Matt Jackson suffers torn bicep, chooses to not undergo surgery 
-WWE to receive $1.8 million in Puerto Rico tourism subsidies to host Backlash. The subsidies include $1.5 million in cash and cost of the venue.
-Jay White expected to not sign with WWE
-Charlotte to take a break from WWE post Mania

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Mar 29, 2023

Time to talk mania and make some predictions.

Is it Roman or Cody?

Is it Seth or Logan?

Is it Rhea or Flair?

What will the set look like?

Will Cena job for Austins beard?

Will the Demon be purple?

Will Gunther Remain Supreme?

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Mar 29, 2023

ONW - EP 189

Vikingo V Omega

Sami and KO finally Hug it out, Cody and the dusty’s kids saga. Who do you think is writing it?

Andy Kaufman inducted into HOF

Should Lil Naitch be in the HOF?

Goldberg no longer under WWE Contract

Stu Grayson is all Elite again / facing MOX on wednesday

Taya Valkyrie debuts on dynamite, to challenge Jade Cargill

Who will be Adam Coles return opponent and what will his long term direction be?

Hangman and the Elite to reform friendship?

If Bray cant compete against Bobby at Mania, who should be Bobby’s opponent?

Its been 16 years since the final Bra and Panties match on WWE TV

Would you prefer it if all matches for Night 1 and 2 of mania were announced beforehand?

Mox signs all his water bottles

Recap of Mox on the sessions

Marty Jannety FB post / Janella reply

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Mar 12, 2023

Onw Ep 188


Revolution review

Per Andrew Zarian, AEW is getting another TV show on Warner property. It's been hinted at that it'll air on Saturday's at 6:05 on TBS, but that's all to be confirmed. Expect an announcement next month of some sort. It's an in-ring show, a fourth hour of wrestling on TV.

Ric Flair on Dutch Mantel: Thank God They Used The Word Veteran & Didn’t Call You A Legend. Just A Miserable Old Wrestler Trying To Make A Buck. And BTW, You Never Had A Legacy To Begin With. WOOOOO!

Book a match or a card that'd make Jim Cornette wanna kill you

Great Muta and Rey mysterio to be inducted into the HOF

Owens weird Brock Lesnar fantasy booking

Mox turns heel

Orange Cassidy’s lazy firework

Does the all Atlantic championship feel more important than the tnt?

Is bullet club dead?

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Mar 1, 2023

ONW - EP 187

Match of the Century ANNOUNCED! 

New ROH Set looks great / Zack Sabre JR /Kingston v Claudio

More Kenny Omega to WWE Rumours
CM Punk starting shit online
How long until Cody turns heel?
The return of the muscle man dance
MJF separates from fiance 
Evil Uno stepped it up against MOX
Tony Kahns “Big” announcement :”All Access” reality show
ROH TV title match - Joe V Mark Briscoe
Twitter follow of the week: WWE Gimmicks that just didnt work : @DidntWorkoutWWE
Jericho has no interest going back to WWE
Tony D’Angelo v Dijack in a jailhouse street fight?
Trish Stratus looks amazing
The Miz to host WM 39
Cody to SD / Bray to Raw?
Lesar v Omos is official 
Vickie Guerrero leaving AEW / Should join the Judgement Day
Drew V Gunther
Komander AEW Debut / Face of the revolution ladder match
2 PPVS in may / Backlash and King & Queen of the ring
Lita and Becky win the womens tag belts
MJF (On being compared to ADR): Except I’m not a racist. An abuser. A bad promo. A poser. A bitch. And a drug addict. And an over rated wrestler.
Issiah Cassidy’s moan thing
WWE on Twitter - Who is the best musician in WWE history?

What’s next for LA Knight? Did he lose some shine after the whole Bray program?
Omos v Lesnar is actually happening. Thoughts on segment with Brock and MVP
I think I figured out why I’m not popping for Cody like everyone else is
Bloodline storyline updates. I like how we are now getting to see how this has affected Jimmy.
Also, how come Jimmy still can’t get Jey on the phone. It’s been over a month since rumble. 
Do you think there will still be as much crossover between brands (SD and RAW) after Mania?
What should the New Day do? Or should they do nothing? They are super stagnant in my opinion. 
I’m still not a fan of Karion Kross
Jade Cargill video package (“Who haven’t I beaten?” Ummmm a good chunk of the main eventers)
Did they fuck up Ricky Starks momentum?
First Cody and Reign promo on Friday
I thought Otis was Arn Anderson for a second during Cody’s match with Gable

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Feb 21, 2023

Onw - ep 186

Elimination chamber / Sami zayn 
What happens now with jey and the bloodline?

What’s next for Brock / Bobby ?

Montez Ford is the future 

Good showing for all in the chamber

Are they just making bray’s story up as they go along?

Hit Row are atrocious 

Mercedes mone njpw women’s champion 

Eddie Kingston / Jay white

Jay whites future / shave his beard

Kenny or punk to wwe ?

Theory vs edge?

Is Aew in a lull?

Terrible main event on last weeks dynamite 

Saraya sucks

Brett Hart in Blue Jean Shorts

TK vs Ariel devari

The concept of a heel orange Cassidy, blood orange 

House of black vs the elite 

Twitter of the week: Victor Taylor Perry @wallflowerperry (the wrestling club)

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Feb 14, 2023

ONW -EP 185

Royal Rumble

Bloodline fallout

Cody and paul heyman promo

Lanny Poffo

Dijack finally ditches T-bar on twitter / dislocated finger


MJF cuts a promo about a car crash

The Gunns win the Tag Titles

Malakai Black names Asuka as a dream opponent

Jay White leaves NJPW

The outrunners / turbo Floyd / truth magnum

Bring back bum corbin Smelly or not smelly?

Elimination Chamber Predictions


Jan 28, 2023

On This edition of the show we talk about


Speculations and Predictions regarding the 2023 Royal Rumble

The Curse of the baby blues

and the Banger Bros


Jan 28, 2023

This weeks show is broken in to two halves. AEW/ROH and WWE

This is the AEW/ROH portion.

We talk about the weeks shows honoring Jay Briscoe and take a min to reflect on the situation with WBD.

Hearing Cornette Break

Tribute on honor club / you tube

Ortiz and Kingston 

Bandido is the tits / Theresa’s favorite wrestler now / super over 

Renee is scared of hangman

Weird MJF developments / Zack sabre Jr

Top flight + someone challenge the elite for the trios 

The Legend of Mitsuharu Misawa




Jan 18, 2023

It should be noted, we learned of the tragic news of Jay Briscoe's passing during our break in the show. I think were all still in shock, but we tried to present to you an entertaining episode of wresting talk. Were very sorry if this doesn't feel right, but we agreed it was important to post.

RIP : Jay Briscoe aka Jamin Pugh. Your legacy will not be forgotten


That being said, we talk about wrestling's smelliest wrestlers

Hangman and Mox

Konosuke Takeshita is impressing me and Matthew / What's going on with him and Don Callis? He loves Cinnabons Cody announces for rumble

The Elite win the best of 7 series

Juice Robinson has a weird face

Ruby Riot bled like a champ

Vinces Lawsuits and Control

Royal Rumble Speculation

Fantasy RUMBLE

and our own 10 bell for a true champion


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