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Dec 15, 2022

Owen and Matthew give you as close to a five star performance as possible.

We discuss:

ROH Final Battle

Mandy Rose

TK and "Media Scrums"

The threat of a Vince return

Is Sasha AEW bound?

Is Regal the new VP under HHH?
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Dec 3, 2022

ONW - Ep 179

Survivor Series War games breakdown

Casino battle royal / no mercy rules

What are the trios rules?

The Regal situation 

New MJF world title BBB

ROH final battle

Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli 

Mercedes Martinez vs. Athena

Daniel Garcia vs. Wheller Yuta 

Kenny v Osprey at WK

Eric Young returning to WWE

Possible HIAC Match at the royal rumble

The Debut of Scrypts

In July 2022, Bushwhacker Luke beat the Brooklyn Brawler, ending the Brawler’s 5 year undefeated streak.

Kevin Owens Feels Indie Return is Possible Under WWE's New Regime: "Over the years I've thought 'hey man, it'd be really cool if I get to do that one day.' Now it feels like more of a possibility than ever. And that doesn't mean it's going to happen but it feels that it could now.

The Stone Cold Stunner was once called the “3:16”

Back stage incident with Roman / KO Slap / Ruptured ear drum

The rock rumored to win the royal rumble
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Nov 22, 2022

aONW - EP 178


Should AEW advertise everything for every dynamite?


Scotty 2 Hotty doesn't want to wrestle inter gender matches, gets twitter heat, deletes twitter


AR Fox gets offered a deal with AEW


Adam Cole concussion is very bad, no word on when he will wrestle


The return of the elite


CM Punk breaks silence / No longer on the cover of fight forever


Cain Velasquez asks court to permit pro wrestling return to AAA While on bail


Konosuke Takeshita signs with AEW


'Carry on Wayward Son' will be used regularly by The Elite on AEW TV


Kevin Nash: How is Demolition not in the WWE Hall Of Fame?


Nashville to host WWE WrestleMania 43 if new enclosed stadium built


WWE Royal Rumble 2023 has broken largest gate record in event history


Brandi Rhodes says in-ring return is not in her plans right now


The Return of BTE


Nick Jackson has a receding hairline / head bands keep getting wider 

Full Gear Recap:


Unpopular opinion, I preferred the pixies to Jane for orange

Eddie Kingston killing time selling the show

Taz is the best on commentary

old school danhausen/ Very Evil / Teeth!!!

Ricky v mjf

Cage match/ top of the show/ kind of stupid, but great

Wayward son/ punk? / Shocking finish/ Rey cheats to win

Fuck CM Punk Chants

Jade v Nyla was shit

Athena’s heel turn is great, but it needs more attention

I think Rosa is in wwe in a year

It’s kind of smart to put Jade v Nyla after the elite, 

it was going to fail anyway

Sammys entrance gear / Great 4 way / JAS breakup?

Eddie Kingston prayer candle

Saraya looked like shit in the ring / shouldnt have been against Britt/ Anna Jay

Next AEW PPV - Just Dont Die

Wardlow killed it / Weird move to put the belt on Joe

Joe should be lead commentator for ROH / retire from wrestling

Hagers hat needs it’s own social media account

Ishii vs Jericho

Jeff Jarret in AEW thoughts? Should he wrestle ? One and done?

Hayter v Storm / way better than anticipated / Hayter v Saraya in the UK?

Fuck the Interim Belt

Great Acclaimed performance / Rap 

Keith Lee ditching swerve

Max Castor is a stud

7 match series for the trios / Full heel death Triangle

How has Mox turned himself heel so quickly?

Mox red gear / Flair

Mjf is so smooth for wrestling so infrequently

middle finger pin / MJF

Snow angels to go off air

Is AEW making a mistake in ignoring the momentum of the audience with MJF?
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Nov 2, 2022

ONW - EP 177 - Vince Loves Pies

Owen solved the KO Pie Mystery

The elite to return soon? Will they be heel or face? Should they team back up with hangman and cole?

House of Black release a series of vignettes online return imminent ?

Jericho open ROH champion challenge / Colt Cabana 

The sami zayn ucey promo, will Sami cost roman the belts? Will he even win it?

Uncle Howdy / Bo Earing / Barry Windham

ROH TV championship / Samoa Joe v Brian Cage / Would Cage be better with the belt?

Bliss and Asuka are new Womens Tag Champs / End of the Damage CNTRL Experiment?

Shinsuke vs Great Muta in NOAH

WWE Investigates/ Johnny Gargano

MJF / The Firm / Face?

GCW now on Fite Tv / Is GCW the 3rd biggest promotion in the US? Impact?

What does Bray do at Crown Jewel

No more HITC PPV / Should they do away with MITB as a show and put the matches on mania?

Matt Cardona WWE return?

WWE Files Multiple Trademarks For ‘Queen Of The Ring’

RomanReign is set to surpass 3 full years without being pinned in WWE, 1095 days

Will Mike Tyson fall asleep again on AEW dynamite?

Saudi Arabia has shared intelligence with the U.S. warning of an imminent attack from Iran on targets in the kingdom

Chit Chat about Crown Jewel
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Oct 26, 2022

Onw - Ep 176


Cm punk negotiations / wwe bound?

Interesting throwback to April 2021: Triple H Reveals He Talked To CM Punk Less Than Two Years Ago, Says Punk Has To Have Desire To Return

Hangman and Mox 

Mjf and regal 

Theory back to nxt 

Theory has a beard now

Nikki Cross back to her old/new gimmick

MJF / Bray Wyatt Comparisons

Bray is the number 1 face on SD

Mox v MJF - Will Regal turn?

Who can even the odds for The O.C. against The Judgement Day's Rhea Ripley? 

Rhea body Slams Luke Gallows

Lana on the Surreal Life

Kevin Nashs son

Kurt Angle Loves KISS, Wanted To Start A Band With Chris Jericho In WWE

Ciampa out injured

Karl Anderson NJPW Debacle

Could Logan Paul possibly win at Crown Jewel?

Corbin and JBL / JBLs Pants / Corbins Gear, is it working? Does Corbin need it?

Gargagonos presentation  

Rumored ROH streaming deal

Would you want the Authors Of Pain back in WWE?

Joey Janella’s GCW tweets 

What is the miz’s secret 

Promoter: Laredo Kid ruptured intestines during AAA match

Aew spin off shows

Oct 12, 2022

Oh No Wrestling - EP 175 - Joint Manipulation

Thoughts on Extreme rules / Wyatt Return


Will the wyatt 6 be an actual faction

Dutch and Vincent of the Righteous backstage at raw

New wwe commentary teams

Graves/ Patrick

Cole/ Barrett 

Vic Joseph / booker T

DX Reunion

Good Brothers return

South Paw season 3

The Judgment Club

What female talent would you pair with the OC?

NJPW TV Title 

15 min matches

Sami Zayn is still killing it / Loses to Riddle

Riddle as a main event guy?

Brock and Lashley again?

Seth wins the US title

First time All 3 members of the Shield are champions since 2013

Becomes the second man to become a 2 time WWE Grand Slam Champion (first is the Miz)

The rock hints at a match with Roman during an interview (head of the table)

Jinsei Shinzaki's diary - President of Michinoku Pro Wrestling - Hakushi in wwf

Austin Theory is now on a 15 match losing streak after losing to gargano 

Maven staples an 8x10 to Matt Cardona's head

Does AEW need the elite anymore?

When will Sasha and naomi return?

Hot Dog eating competition at Wrestlemania (yellow championship belt)

Jon Moxley signs a 5 year deal with AEW

Gcw loss to nick gage, the firm

Is Cody's push in jeopardy now that HHH is in control of creative?

Will HHH do anything with Shinsuke Nakamura?

Nyla Rose steals the TBS Championship

Is taz the first person to force the use of a tapout in prowrestling?

Elias is back next week / RIP Zeke

Was andre the giant handsome? RJ City

Jericho vs Bryan ROH world title thoughts

Pac v Cassidy ?
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Oct 5, 2022

ONW - EP 174

White Rabbit / Bray Wyatt - Who should he face?

Should he have a stable

Big Push for Finn Balor

RIP Antonio Inoki

Daniel Cormier and the fight pit / Does he sign for a match against Brock? Saudi Arabia / WM

Ricky Steamboat teaming with FTR in return match

Do you ever see Seth Rollins as the top guy

Sami Zayn and the bloodline/ Could he dethrone reigns? With help from KO?

LA Knight is back, how will he do on the Main Roster? 

Where is Bobby Roode? Injury? Could he team with LA Knight? The Miz?

Was Bret Hart a better Heel or Face?

Should AJ Styles join the Judgment Day?

Aj styles has the softest hands.

Extreme Rules Predicitions
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Sep 14, 2022

Oh No Wrestling - EP 173 - Finn's Bandana and Colt Cobana 


Thoughts on the the Aew dynamite following the scrum

Tks video

MJF as face promo

Mox promo

Trios titles 

Garcia v yuta 

Jericho ruins the finisher of page/hangman

Grand slam 

Is AEW the heel company now?

Bucks / wwe

Gargano and gable

Bradley cooper playing ric flair 

Finns bandana 

Dom sucks

New womens tag champs/ no heat 

Bte hiatus 

What do you do with braun?

Kross in black and white 

Dexter lumis / miz 

Joe and the ROH tv title : Josh woods

Ko’s promo 

You can’t fundamentally like Mox and punk at the same time
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Sep 6, 2022

ONW - EP 172

Clash at the Castle reactions

-Shamus v Gunther

-Seth v Riddle

-Drew v Roman (Kross v drew next?)

-UK Fans


NXT Worlds Collide 

-Mandy retains

-Bate v Bron

All out reactions

Ruby and ortiz v sammy tay : Aja Kong gear for reasons, Ruby injured, broken nose/nasty bump on her neck

-Kip Sabian losing (Pacs response to Orange) NO

-The Joker / Casino ladder match (Jose the assistant changed suits in between Rush and Andrade entrances)

-Trios match

-Tag match / The acclaimed

-Wardlow FTR v Lethal and the MCMG’s (joe return)

-Womens 4 way (shida gone for 2 min) TK likes Toni / Jamie Hayter is over AF

-Starks v Hobbs (starks looked badass)

-Jericho v Bryan (daniel garcia v yuta for the ROH Pure Championship) (bryans entrance)

-Future of the HOB/ Malakai 

-Punk v Mox

-MJF return

-Punk MJF double turn?

All out Media

Scrum Tony Kahn / CM Punk / Swerve / Toni Storm


TK quote: “I think I got a little taste of what Jim Crockett felt 

But I have a lot more fucking money than Jim Crockett did and I’m serious, I’m not going to sit back and take this shit”

- Tony Khan on WWE having 2 shows the same weekend as All Out

If Vince retired 5-6 years ago, would Aew exist? 

Ali was once going to use real American theme song

Wardlow symphony “people need to sing”

Na an na hey jude / na na na you’re screwed 

Na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye 

Current wrestlers with a novelty license plate

Bobby Fish contract expired/ Kyle O reilly injured, out indefinitely
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Aug 30, 2022
The Punk / Mox / MJF Conundrum
The Return of Kenny and the Elite
Johnny Wrestling returns
Kip Sabian and his box
Clash at the Castle
AEW All Out
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Aug 11, 2022

Oh No Wrestling - EP 170 - Trios, True Threats, and Trips in Control

Do mjf and cm punk align for a punk heel turn ?

Does mjf beat Mox for punk?

Punk vs JAS ?

Butcher and blade should join HOB 

Owens new match “bang scale”

-the Onw bang scale 

The gunn club could work in wwe, but the have to go to the main roster 

Cody stable?

Does wwe do more stables, trips was in one of the biggest ever.

Summerslam thoughts 

How is hhh doing a few weeks on?

Bayley, Io, Dakota 

Kross / lumiss

Who else returns?

The Onw wrestling theme park 

Vince up to 20 million 

Cole / bucks split / Kenny return? 

Fixing rampage 

Is Aew too predictable?  

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Jul 30, 2022

Onw - EP 169 - Hunter At the Helms

Aew trios titles

Ricky starks face turn / new ftw champ 

Ric flairs last match 

Nxt to black and gold again 

Dwight Howard at wwe tryout

Eddie Kingston real men of genius / talking shit at a autograph signing 

Kevin Dunn done? 

Sasha/Naomi/ gargano return? 

Setting up for a Sami Jarrett match?

MIRO and the house of black

Road dogg begging TK for a job 

Can Montez Ford be a top guy?

Things you want to see in the HHH Era

Lionhart Jericho vs Mox

Uncle Dax: Just talked to Punk. He said the only way he’d come back is if he could win the brand new 6 man straps with his friends. We’re his friends.

Wrestlenomics - Exclusive: All WWE employees have been prohibited from trading stock since Friday  

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Jul 26, 2022

ONW - 7-25-22

Ep - 168 - The Degenerate Jackhammer (VInce Retires and HHH)


2022 so far:

Shane McMahon let go

Cody quits AEW for WWE

Stone Cold, Vince McMahon & Ric Flair wrestle

Tony Khan buys ROH

MJF wants out of AEW

Sasha Banks & Naomi walkout


WWE back to TV-14

Triple H back in Talent Relations / Head of Creative

Vince retires


Things you want to see?

Things you think we’ll actually see?

Who will HHH push? Will he bring anyone back that was released?

Is there anyone that previously wouldn't sign that might now consider it?

More likely for a WWE Sale?


Thanks to Brock for returning / Goldberg 


WWE Stock up almost 7% at day opening, Closes at 8.44% $71.81


$WWE shares are holding steady at about $71 since noon, meaning Vince McMahon's 28.7 million shares have gained about $150.5 million in market value since the close of business on Friday, when the stock was at $66.22 just before his exit was announced.


WWE's 8-K states the company found $14.6 million in payments by Vince McMahon *that should have been recorded as company expenses*. WWE will reissue financial statements for 2019, 2020, 2021, and Q1 2022.


Drew vs Gunther at Clash at the Castle?


ROH Death before dishonor thoughts / Duncan new champ


Commentary / Mauro Renallo talks with AEW


The Gresham situation


Tully Blanchard Enterprises /  No More

The Righteous / Dalton Castle back brace

Mercedes Martinez is trash

FTR / Briscos 2 - Fight like an 8 year old girl

Max Caster - Bobby Lashley’s sister

A look at the G1 / Zack Sabre JR, george michael dream

Joey Ryan, one man show, The rise and fall of Joey Ryans Penis

Kevin Dunn didnt think Becky was good looking enough to be a top star

PAC and Kip Sabian exchange words at rev pro show

Sami on broken skull sessions, could he ever be a Top Guy? Wwe champion  

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Jul 21, 2022

Onw - EP 167 - Jericho is Invincible


Pg-14 raw

No more womens tag titles

Deebs dojo

Harland and two dimes on dark tapings

A look at the g1

Ole anderson burns the Georgia championship wrestling tapes

Will you support Mox or punk?

Tag titles change hands/ Matt Jackson’s shoe

Wardlow/ Cassidy, best friends/ chainsaw

Jeff Jarrett guest referee

Britt baker sandbag reference

John silver vs Claudio

Will ospreys one winged Angel / forced kick out / Kenny Return Soon?

Holographic championship belts-Paul wight

Aew is worth $400 million

Impact is worth $4 million

Wwe 5.7 billion

Titus O Neiil on RAW / More vince stuff coming?

New Day Unicorn Horns

Fyter Fest week 2 - Barbed wire Everywhere match

Darby v Brody

Big O Possum

ROH predictions / revamp of honor club


Jul 9, 2022

Onw - ep 166

MITB thoughts
Liv/ theory
Brody king / mox
Wardlow wins the tnt title / needs a big feud
Ftr briscos 2 - ROH card
Vince McMahon updates
Njpw / cheering crowds
Jordan grayce / Chris Benoit comments
Santana/ Ortiz issues
Sasha / Naomi removed from wwe roster
Thunder storm / Aew womens tag titles
Stardom njpw Aew news
Paige in Aew
Will Ospreay says he wants HOOK to join United Empire and asked Taz when HOOK would be heading over to Japan
Will on Kenny omega
Miz and ciampa
Logan Paul: will he work as a face?
Is there any chance drew beats Roman at clash of the castle
Bruce Boudreau meets KO  

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Jul 3, 2022

Onw - ep 165

Forbidden door / blood and guts thoughts
MITB predictions
Original plans for the bucks to win the iwgp tag titles
Light tubes - only T 12 (wider diameter)
Rocky Johnson’s illegitimate kids
Jeff Hardy pleads not guilty
Logan Paul signs multi year deal. Will he work as a face?
Alan angles 5, not resigning with Aew
Fuego del Sol buys ring, everyone shits on it
Cena tributes on raw, no mark Henry  

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Jun 25, 2022

Second show title : Vince Sniffs Snails

Forbidden door
Vince news / hhh returns to the pc
Who is flair’s opponent ?
Roman / lesnar
Harland to mlw
Kenny talks about osprey
Forbidden door
Vince news / hhh returns to the pc
Who is flair’s opponent ?
Roman / lesnar
Harland to mlw
Kenny talks about osprey
Jun 14, 2022

Onw - ep 163

Thunder rosa controversy
Njpw dominion results
And what that means for the forbidden door
Jeff Hardy
Balor/edge judgement day
I get red velvet and the baddies now
Gunther Ic champ
The one office in titan towers with windows that open
Paige not resigning with wwe
The Aew belt discussion
Atlantic champ?
Was okada ever on the show?
Should Tony storm be in title contention?
So you prefer mirror matches or mis matches
Is forbidden door an excuse to bring in the bullet club? Exposure for everyone on the brands. Aew casual fans that don’t understand the elite/BC/UE.
Helps both and helps explain some Aew feuds to a more casual fan.
Good to keep mjf off tv?
Ko and Elias as a tag team
Big E throws away his neck brace
-what would you do right now with E?
What do you do with Seth in Cody’s absence?
Did he inherit the sledge?
I’m pretty sure TK would hire Rey and dom.  

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Jun 2, 2022

Double or Nothing Recap

MJF Stuff

Forbidden Door

Ads on the Canvas

Jake Atlas

NXT 2.0 in your house and Hell in a Cell Predictions  

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May 25, 2022


Onw - ep 161

Sasha and naiome stuff
Joey set his leg on fire
The tag belts got unified
Stephanie stepped down
Kota ibushi cones out about his mom’s attempted suicide in tweets.
Will osprey not on good terms with omega / kidney infection
Robert roode using his old music
Hogan v flair?
Brian Pillman would have been 60 this week
24/7 - Best Long Term Storytelling
Lacy Evans
Joe v Johnny Elite
Double or Nothing Predictions  

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May 12, 2022

The Owen Hart Cup  

More releases: dexter lumis and Harland  

Dakota Kai, Malcom bivens  


Roddy strongs multiple requests to be released are denied  

Sammy injured/ aaa tag belts  

New Aew show on tbs  

Stu Grayson done with Aew  

Cody wants the winged eagle  

Backlash thoughts  

Jokers in the Owen  

Mjf promo  

Dax loses to Cole / Martha  

Plus so much more!  

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Apr 26, 2022

Onw -4-25-22

Wwe ranking system
The forbidden door ppv
Shin v Gunther
More heel/face turns
Asuka and mustafa Ali set for return- Ali new brood?
Bret hart legends contract with wwe
Rey fenix set to return soon
Cash v dax
Sammy turns heel
Hook and danhausen, what do you do?
Josh Alexander is new impact champion
Drew gulak is Adam Pearce’ new assistant
Early predictions for the Owen?

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Apr 20, 2022

Onw - EP 158

Is Cody the best wrestler in the world?
Should Cody bring back the winged eagle?
The royal family debate
Kushida departs from wwe
Theory wins the us title, heel celebration?
Finn to team with aj?
Page v cole crown of thorns on Good Friday
Dalton castle v Gresham
Ko and Elias
La night and mace
Cody v KO
Somethings going on with Alexa bliss
Tony Kahn’s big announcement
Rhea turns heel
Is Finn done with wwe?
Debut on rampage : Satnam Singh
Owens winged eagle tattoo idea
Sammy new tnt champion
Cody v roddy strong
Thoughts on belt unification, which ones should and shouldn’t
Jack Evan’s done with Aew
What wrestlers would you like to see migrate to commentary?
Wwe very interested in ftr

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Apr 13, 2022

Onw - ep 157

The making of wheeler yuta
Ftr 6 stars
La parka situation
Sonja v bellaire
Joe v Suzuki, does Joe take the belt ?
What happened to Jay white on Aew?
The Cesaro theory
Buff bagwell on Twitter
Wwe finally running a big show in the UK
Where is pac? I don’t think he resigns with Aew, same as MIRO
The muppet question
Cody’s raw promo on miz tv / gets to say the banned phrases
Does anyone care about veer?
Priest has the power of blue light
Why do I like this Elias thing?
The unification of all the belts
Tony Kahn and his bots
Everyone agrees with regal
Aew need to get rid of the post cameras
Trent singles push? Would he fit in BCC?
Dan lambert puts Sammy and tay in place
Chris Jericho’s sports entertainer of the week
Red velvet v willow nightengale
Punk v penta
New nxt 2.0 belt
What if Roman becomes the belt collector?
Edge / priest / rhea? Ciampa?

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Apr 6, 2022

Full show description tomo.

Long weekend.

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